Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Mishmash

Regarding my post on Monday, I was amazed by your comments - I had no idea that it would touch so many of you like it did. One person commented "I'm wondering how you even remember some of them now, since your life is so different" - and that, right there, is why I started this blog. To remember what it was like when I was obese. To remember how hard I had worked to lose the weight. To be able to look back and appreciate all that I've gained in the course of losing 110 pounds. She is right - I have started taking certain things for granted...and although I still sometimes see a fat woman looking back at me in the mirror, I am getting used to sliding my body into a booth, or an airplane seat, or through a turnstile...I could go on but you get the idea. So that famous phrase "lest we forget" really holds true for me, and by looking back on occasion, I think I will be able to appreciate all that I have accomplished.


I finally was able to get a picture of Chip and Dale! I know you are all SO excited to see this...these guys make me laugh on a daily basis as I watch them chase each other all around the trees, leaping across branches - so playful and cute. They finally stopped moving for about ten seconds and I got the shot - I kinda felt like the stalkarazzi!

Paco also likes to watch Chip and Dale...caught him in a moment when he wasn't barking wildly at them.


Be sure to come back on Monday - through the magic of auto-post, I will have a review up of a beautiful new children's book, written by a very talented author who just so happens to be one of my best friends!


Was it wrong that while I was doing bicep curls with my 10 lb. dumbbells the other evening, I asked Jeff if he wanted tickets to the "gun show"?** I crack myself up, but I really do enjoy the feeling of power that I get when I workout my arms!

**From my favorite movie, Anchorman:
Ron Burgundy: The only way to bag a classy lady is to give her two tickets to the gun show...[kisses his biceps]
Ron Burgundy: and see if she likes the goods.


I had a great run with Matt yesterday and I even went long! I was planning on running to Starbucks, so I had Jeff drop me off at the mall parking lot (this way I didn't have to deal with running on a zero-shoulder busy road) - he went on to wait for me, and Matt texted "GO" so I ran! I was aiming for 35 minutes and headed out down a long flat sidewalk - my legs felt great, although I was gasping a bit. Looking at my stats from Ricky Bobby later, I could see why - I was running pretty fast for me. Two miles went great; then I turned around and ran into the wind for about a mile and a that was challenging! But, I hit 4 miles in 47:16, which was good. And, I got a nice cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese - woohoo for instant rewards!
Nice hair, no?For the first time ever, I do believe Matt was sweatier than I was!
Ricky Bobby is quite pleased with my performance!
Danica shows the reason why Matt was so sweaty - look at that pace!

Before we get started on our run, Matt always sends me a few funny texts while he tries to delay the inevitable warms up. The winner of this round was "Why did you have to find me on Facebook?" - I cracked up at that. If it weren't for me, he'd be happily sleeping, but nooOOOoo - every Thursday I make him run. I'm sure he secretly appreciates me for that. :)


By the time most of you are reading this (exception being MizFit, who I know is up at the crackalack of dawn), Jeff and I will be winging our way to Maui, to help celebrate my parent's 50th anniversary. Should be a fun trip, complete with lots of coconut gelato, relaxing, running, and even doing a zipline! In preparation, I had my traditional Maui pedicure:
Wish I could remember the name of this OPI nail polish - all I know is it made me think of mermaids, which is why I chose the color!

We'll be back on Monday, November 8th. I'll be bringing my netbook, Miss Heliotrope Lucre, with me, but seeing as the internet is not free at our hotel (how crazy, right?), who knows how often I'll be able to get on and post. I may actually be busy, enjoying the beach - what a concept! Any case, I'll miss you. And you. And especially you!


  1. YAY
    MY POST AND IM HERE RIGHT ON TIME!! (she shouts like the misfit she is)

    Im so excited for you to get away and relax, Shelley (and I have a little secret Im revealing next week. LITTLE. I may email you the info :)).

    And I always love the reminder of the WF love we share.
    I know we mangle the quote but a common refrain around here is:


    (when he's smacked with the filing cabinet)

  2. Have a great time in Maui, the toes are ready, love the color!
    And hope you didn't forget to pack something pink for this weekend's run :)

    Matt should be happy with you. Otherwise he was just being lazy on Thursday mornings, now he's energized the entire day due to the run :)

    The pic of Chip and Dale is great, so is Paco.

  3. So excited for you. Love them toes, my daughter would be all over that.
    Have a GREAT trip!

  4. Your toes are too cute! Have a fabulous time! :)

  5. You are hot and fit and healthy and have cute little painted toenails. Have fun on vacay! Vee at

  6. I love "running" to "places".... especially if it's a treat of some sort waiting for you at the finish line ;-),
    I too will be on vacation very soon, I'll be leaving after you get back but you have inspired me to get my nails nice and bright PINK ;-)
    Have a great holiday girl!

    Have you ever ran on a beach? I haven't and plan to give it a whirl!

  7. I'm just here to comment that if you were still overweight, you never would have even CONSIDERED doing a zipline.

    I know, right?

  8. I have only a minute to make a post but I wanted to tell you how excited I was to find your blog. This is "me" in so many ways! My journey has just begun---AGAIN---ain't that the way of most people that need to get healthy and have struggled most of their lives! I am looking forward to gleaning from your "wisdom" and staying motivated by your success and the success story of others. This may be a long journey but I believe I will make it! Enjoy your day---Love the toes BTW! I have a philosophy..."Expose the Toes and achieve true happiness"!!! :0)

  9. Have a wonderful trip Shelley - if I were you I'd just unplug the whole time - you know we'll be here when you get back.

    Take lots of pictures!!

  10. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! Love the toenails - Hate The Anchorman!

  11. Hope you and your toes have a fabulous trip!

  12. What is this thing about naming all your doodads? Why not name those flipflops while you're at it?
    I don't get this naming thing. Explain it to me.
    Have a great time on Maui.
    Do you have to golf? Originally I was going to Oahu Nov 3rd but now mom is having her hip surgery so we are aiming for Feb.
    Keep my seat warm. icky.

  13. I am going to miss you but SO happy you are there and congrats to your folks on 50 years! Pretty unheard of these days!

  14. Me? How sweet!
    Have fun! And hurry back to tell us all about it!

  15. I *knew* you'd miss me! I miss you too!
    I love the toenails AND The Anchorman!
    Paco is soooo cute! I love his bat ears!
    Those squirrels are huge. If the world ends, you can eat them. Mmmmmm. I wonder if they are really a boy and girl. Perhaps they will make you some little squirrel-lets in the spring!
    Enjoy yourself in Hawaii - tell your folks congratulations for me!


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