Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update

Have I mentioned how much I love my running club? Well I do! More people joined on Saturday, so there was a nice group of us doing our 1.5 mile pace run. Lots of enthusiasm, lots of sassy talk - such a fun group to be with! Our coaches clarified with us that we will run in all kinds of weather - heat, cold, rain...the only thing that would stop us from meeting would be icy roads. Good to know...

Although Sunday is supposed to be a rest day for running, since we only ran 1.5 miles, I decided to go ahead and do my Monday timed run (we are still just running for a length of time, not distance, during the week) of 25 minutes, which equaled to just over 2 miles. Went to the park near our neighborhood as usual and was slightly unsettled during that run because I kept hearing shots being fired as I ran the perimeter of the soccer fields - I forgot that it was opening weekend of dove hunting season, and the hunters were out in full force. The park is bordered by a lot of open area - in fact, that's where the deer that I keep seeing live. Hmmm...I should check to see if deer hunting is allowed there - I sure hope not. With doves, I was pretty sure the hunters would be aiming their shotguns up in the air - but deer = rifles pointed at my level. Not good for me, or the deer, in my opinion. May have to eliminate that park from my running places for the duration of hunting season. Any case, it was a beautiful cool morning - 68 degrees! I forgot how nice it is to run in cooler temps!

Tuesday brought tropical storm Hermine and lots of rain. Jenny and I went ahead and canceled our scheduled Tuesday morning run, but in the back of my mind, I thought I might try running in the rain, just in my neighborhood. So I did. It was raining but not real hard, and no thunder/lightening yet. In fact, it was quite warm - 79 degrees and oh-so-humid! It wasn't bad - my feet stayed fairly dry, although I think that was because I wasn't having to run through a lot of puddles...had I tried this later in the day, I would have been slogging through water. Got my 20 minutes in - actually, I ran 23:29 so I could hit an even two miles. I tried to take a self-portrait to show you how wet I got - wasn't a whole lot different from my sweat-soaked runs, honestly!
Great angle - I look slim, right? Wait until the next set of pictures!

When I came inside, I did some stretches, which proved to be difficult since Paco kept getting in my face and licking me. Jeff happened to come home so I asked him to take a few pictures so I could show you what I have to deal with ::back of hand to life is SO difficult:: but once Paco saw the camera, he kept sitting and posing...what, did he think it was Fashion Friday?
Stretching the hammies!Lovely shot showing my belly - doesn't look so bad when I stand up. Note to self: never sit when camera is out!
I don't normally do push ups after a run but since the camera was out I wanted to show how Paco gets up in mah grill...only he didn't do it. Why don't children and pets ever perform when we want them to?!?

So far my at-home workouts are going ok. I can only remember three things to do with my exercise tube - wonder if there is a chart I can buy that details more of the exercises? And the weight bench still has not made it out of the attic. I promise, you will not read that sentence next week, even if it means me wrassling the thing out of the attic by myself!


  1. I love Paco! :)
    Last week I was doing sit ups and every time I was on the ground Bella was hanging in my hair, I think I might have lost a few :lol:

    I like running in the rain, that is if it's starts raining during my run. I hate starting in it.

    My half marathon plan exists of 4 trainings a week and two are on time, 1 is interval and the long run is in distance.

    When I do the run on time, f.e. 35 minutes, I have the tick/habit that I want a round number on my Garmin like 5.2 km and not 5.17 km so I run till I hit the round number. Crazy? Yep that's me :)

    Well done on the runs my friend!

  2. oooh come over to my neck of the net (do I need to do a shelley post with all the exercise tube workouts? dont dare me :)) and get some extra exercises!!


  3. Whenever I attempt to do an exercise DVD, my dogs get all up in my business, making it darn near impossible to move in any direction. You'd think I was dangling bacon in front of them or something!

  4. I'm loving your running group from afar... it's making me want to move to Texas.

    Back in the day when our cat was still alive, every single time I would lay down to stretch or do situps or anything on the floor she would lay on top of me. Never failed. Gotta love 'em though.

  5. When I lived with a dog, I had to lock her away or else I would be downward dogging all over her!

    I'm so glad you are enjoying your running club and your actual, real running!

    I'd forgot about the start of dove season and kept wondering what all that noise was. Seems here in Texas, you are never far from it. On Saturday morning in Cy-Fair I was out walking and low and behold!

  6. *grumble* I wrote a long, long comment and it didn't post but disappeared somewhere into cyberspace.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that you are a running bad ass for going out in that weather yesterday.

    And you look fantastic in those pics. Girl, please. Don't be talking about your tummy. And I love the action shot of Paco where his head is blurry. He's a live wire, isn't he? :)

    Looking forward to more running group stories. It really is good motivation for me.

  7. I can't get over how awesome you look. If you ever get frustrated just look at the push-up picture. Give Paco a kiss for me :)

  8. Humphrey, my pup, loves to try to bite my ankles when I do the 30 Day Shred. I think all the jumping scares him :)My husband thinks it is hilarious. Last night, I told them they were both banned from the house while I did my workout :)

  9. You inspire me with the running! I'm just now starting to exercise and am still on short walks, but when I'm out there I'm imagining the late-blooming athlete I might turn out to be!

  10. Good Lord woman!! I haven't been by here in a little while, and I am just amazed at how fabulous you look!! So tiny!!! You really look fantastic Shelley...little runner girl!! :)

  11. My cats are forever screwing up my stretching. Jerks. They think when I sit down, that's an invitation for petting. Who do they think they are?

    I think I would love running in the rain.

  12. Shelley, I just have to say that you look great. We have that tendency to make excuses for our bodies or that an angle is flattering or unflattering, but really - be so, so proud of all of that work you have done (and continue to do).

    Rock those biceps and get Paco on your back for those pushups! :D

  13. When I was doing my Jackie Werner on demand last Saturday, every time I had to get on my mat, my dog was licking my face!

    Do you have a farmers tan to try to be like me? Have a started a new fashion trend I didn't realize?!

    Happy Hump Day!

  14. You look miniature from here. Paco needs a play date with Bellalugosi.

    My word verification is goober.

  15. Go Shelley, go Shelley, go go go Shelley!

    Need a cheerleader? I will even make pom-poms!

  16. You look slim because you are so slim!

  17. This made me laugh so much. You reminded me why I like to go to the studio at the gym when I keep thinking I could do the same thing at home. I love Lori's idea of putting Paco on your back for the push ups. I was thinking of getting a little saddle for Noah to wear so he could bring Monk home when he tires out halfway through the walk.

  18. My son sits on me when I do sit ups and my dog licks my nose ;-). I feel your pain Shelley.
    Oh and great work on the running, could you do a small one for me....I've been banned for the next week and it sucks ;-).
    oh and looking good girl!

  19. I love my walking buddies! It makes it so much better. I too love Paco the wonder dog.

    Thanks for your kind comments the last few crazy days.


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