Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update

Sunday: I virtually ran with Helen this morning - that was fun, knowing that she was out there suffering running at the same time as I was! Actually, my run wasn't bad - I think I'm getting used to the heat (80 degrees at 6:48 am) and humidity (82%). I successfully ran 2.68 miles (ok Lori, Syl and Fran - I got the message and have taken the F(ailure) word out of my vocabulary).

The funny thing about my run today? It was like I was in Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom! First, just as I was approaching the area where I saw the two deer last week, a pretty big deer (doe? doh!) ran out of the field just ahead of me, spotted me, and ran back into the field! Then when I was on the other, more wooded side of the park, a jackrabbit came blasting across my path - I nearly tripped over him! I glanced in the direction he was running from to see a young coyote, who obviously had been chasing him - the coyote saw me and turned back toward the trees. So you're welcome, Mr. Jackrabbit - I have a feeling that the coyote would have kept after you had it not been for me. Just call me Shelley Perkins - and yes, you'll have to be pretty old to get these references!

Monday: Fight Gone Bad in the gym - one minute each of circus ring pull ups, burpees (ptooey!), crunches, Beyonces (glute work using the Swiss ball) and 95 lb. deadlifts. We kept adding to our count, so at the end of round one I was at 98; round two, 103; round three, 105. I think that is a first for me, that I kept on improving my count - usually by round three I'm back down to where I started. Linda was out of town, so Brad had us for cardio as well - we did the exercise version of the Wave (yes, that thing you see during sporting events) - on machines. One person would start going ninety-to-nothing for thirty seconds, then the person on the next machine would take over, and so on. If you weren't "on" you were going about half speed. I did the Wave on both the spinner bike and the elliptical. It was tougher than it sounds - especially on the elliptical!

Tuesday: Jenny and I had our first run since before I left for my vacation all planned out - a nice, leisurely run where we could finally chat and catch up on everything, ending up at Smoothie King. Unfortunately, some jerks decided to break into her vehicle overnight by smashing a window, which she discovered as she went to her car to meet me for our run. I swear, between this incident and the thieves that stole Lori's bikes while she and her husband were on vacation, I have had it with criminals. Jerks!!! So obviously our run was off, as she had to deal with calling the police, etc. Not a fun way to start your morning, and I'm so sorry this happened, Jenny.

Since I was all ready to run, I just went out in my neighborhood. Got about a quarter mile into it and realized that I didn't have my music - which is fine when I run with someone, but by myself? I need the distraction. So I ran back home, strapped up the iTouch in my arm band and set off again. Two sweaty miles later I was done. I tried to take a picture of the new fashion style my sweat manages to create on my shirts - a horizontal dark stripe across the middle (but not the top, as my sports bra absorbs the sweat there), but it didn't show up all that well. What can I say, it's the little things that entertain me!
Red faced and sweaty with a stripe across my belly - yes I am *quite* the fashion plate after a run!

Wednesday: I really, really enjoyed my workout today. Which is surprising because I have not had the greatest attitude toward them lately and have been seriously considering making some changes. But today was really good. Linda had Ashley and I doing all sorts of things on the spinner bikes (mudding, up up down downs, speed, etc.) while Jenny rocked out 1200 strides on the elliptical. Then Ashley and I tag-teamed the elliptical for 2400 strides - one of us was on the rower while the other was on the elliptical. I have to say that I am finally getting the cadence of the elliptical down - it sure took me long enough, but coordination has never been a strong suit for me, lol!

In the gym, Brad let us "pick our poison" - an either/or for each set of muscles that was targeted. I ended up choosing barbell squats with 105 lbs., skull crushers, chest press, tube curls and 100 crunches on the wobble ball...and boy did that thing make me engage every part of my abdomen! It was hard but I really enjoyed it and felt very strong and accomplished when I was done. Funny how one good workout can really change my attitude - of course, this puts me into even more of a quandary as to what to do regarding my workouts and training for my upcoming half marathon...sigh. Why can't life ever be simple?!?


  1. That stinks about Jenny's car AND Lori's bikes :(

    Way to keep your run going even though you were solo.

    Every time I see your picture in the blue shirt with the pink bike in June 2008 - I am shocked at how far you've come - keep being my inspiration, kay?!

  2. You look great after a run. I look at your before pictures and it is amazing how far you have come.

  3. Another rocking week as usual for you. I can totally see that wet belly stripe! Doesn't it make you feel good? Geez, you didn't tell me about your wildlife on Sunday... I don't think I even saw a skunk!

    While I don't think you have an easy decision to make, I'm confident that the answer is going to be really clear when you have to make it.

  4. LOVE all your workouts Shelley! You are such an inspiration of what you can accomplish when you just get off the couch! I keep wavering on exercising then not. I don't really count riding my bike because that's only 3 miles a day... maybe I should be out virtually running with you and Helen!

  5. Guess I am old because I got the references Ms. Perkins! LOL!

  6. You're so dedicated! I admire you for keep going on and on and on, Ms. Perkins! My parents used to make us watch it eons ago. Brings back memories.

    We have lots of wildlife here.. had a fox on our porch last night and nearly scared our chickens to death. Not fun.

    Vee at

  7. Oh yes, I got the references. I don't know how you will be able to keep up those tough workouts and train for a half-marathon. Every time I increase my running time, I just can't make myself go to the gym as much.

  8. I am in total agreement with the Chinese guy.


  9. Plus you are dating yourself with that Mutual of Omaha stuff.
    Mutual of Omahahaha


  10. Well crap, now I can't delete the Chinese spam!

  11. What is it with dumbass criminals?? They just ruin everything.

    Yay for taking the Failure out of your posts!

  12. I'm with Lori: no more failure in your dictionary!

    You think you look bad after a run? Wait to you see my picture this weekend in my photo challenge. I promise you: you'll be scared :lol:

    Great workouts as always Shelley, still my inspiration in this!


  13. ((feeling so mono-lingual))) luckily, giggling is universal. ;)


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