Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Mishmash - Plus Protein Brownie Review!

I'll start today's mishmash with a review of some protein brownies that I was recently sent to try (FCC alert - I was given these for free! Opinions expressed, however, are totally mine). Being the chocolate-lover that I am, I was intrigued by the idea of protein brownies - sounds like the best of both worlds, right? I have to say that Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownies did deliver on taste for sure - the triple chocolate flavor was great! However, I made a rookie mistake with these. I saw "20g protein" listed on the front of the package, flipped it over to quickly check the calories - 170, not bad, and proceeded to eat the entire brownie for a snack/treat. A couple of hours later I decided to read the rest of the nutritional stats on the package...and got that sinking feeling when I read "protein: 10 grams" - yep, you guessed it - there were TWO servings in that package. Really??? I hate it when companies do this - I was so mad - first at myself for not being more careful in checking the data, and then at the company for trying to pull one over on the consumer. Come on - this size looks like a single-serving, it's individually-wrapped...very easy assumption for someone to make. And I would not choose to have a 340 calorie snack on a whim - while these are good, you need to know that unless you take the time to cut the brownie in half (AND set one half aside), you will be consuming a fair amount of calories.

That said, I did like the brownies. Their Complete Cookie, however, was a bust - it looked good, and maybe I was expecting something like the homemade cookies you can get at our local deli cafes, but this was really dry and tasteless. Would not recommend...oh, and the cookie clocks in at 400 calories! I'd rather have some Greek yogurt for protein and a real cookie or two for that amount. So caveat eator when it comes to Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownies. They are available all over - click here for a list of retailers who carry them.


What's this? Twin shirts? Actually, it's my favorite shirt - and the one on the left is not only getting to be too big, but it's also pretty worn and pilly-looking. It was my first medium that I fit can see it in the June '09 bike picture on the right sidebar. The day has been quickly approaching where I shouldn't wear it out in public anymore - let's just say that the *girls* are a little TOO on display, if you catch my drift.
So you can only imagine my delight when I made a run through Ross the other day and found the twin! In a size small...woohoo, the love affair can continue!!! I swear, the craziest things can just make my day!

And now, some food pictures...
What do you eat when you're on the run in California? Why, these delicious avocado rolls, of course! Actually, Theresa wanted sushi, so we ran in to Nob Hill while we were out and about and got her the sushi while Barbara and I split this. Avocado, cucumber, carrots and lettuce, all wrapped up in rice paper - SO GOOD!!! Three years ago we would have hit Carls Jr. - I love how much better we are eating now (and believe me, Barbara and I have *quite* the history of making not-so-stellar food choices when we are together)!
My breakfast the first day in California - blueberries, strawberries and a nectarine fresh from the tree growing in Barbara's backyard, on Fage, with Fiber One. The nectarine was so good that for the rest of my time there, that's all I had in my yogurt. YUM!Barbara made me try those tofu shirataki noodles (this is her bowl - I just had a few separately). I have to say that they weren't smelly or rubbery like I've heard - in fact, I might just have to buy a package or two. Doesn't her version of pasta primavera look great?!?
Finally, here's my latest version of orzo with veggies - this time I used asparagus, fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes - I just throw the chopped up asparagus and spinach leaves into the boiling pasta for the last minute or so, drain, add the tomatoes, toss with a little olive oil and the juice of two freshly-squeezed lemons and sprinkle a little Parmesan on top - love it!

You might have noticed that the last three pictures are all in the same Fiestaware gusto bowls - love how versatile they are. I need to get that cool lime green color next for my little collection. Nothing like pretty dishes to spice up your food!


Alllll righty, boys and girls, it's time for another exciting installment of Fashion Friday! The top and sweater are from Ann Taylor Loft - I love that store! Cute clothes, and very affordable when they are on sale, which of course these were. I rarely pay full-price for anything...I'm cheap frugal that way!
I finally got a tripod so I could move out of my closet! Unfortunately, I cut off the top of my head with this shot...Better camera angle. Tops paired with my Liz Claiborne navy Bermuda shorts and my silver BOC Born sandals. I love the silver (and have the same pair in bronze - I am nothing if not original, lol) and keep finding new things to wear them with. Nice change from my usual black sandal, which is what I would have worn otherwise.
Close up of the pink zebra sweater and ruffled top - have I mentioned how much I LOVE this combo?Unflattering picture to show you all of the ruffles, and also to show how some things work so much better in layers than by themselves. I think I look rather dumpy around the middle with just the ruffled top on, but when the sweater is added, I felt much thinner.


I can't end this post with that awful picture, so I'll show you what the Safeway in Santa Cruz (yes, I am still milking that trip!) considers natural foods:
Hamburger Helper, anyone?

Have a good weekend!


  1. wow woman.
    Im awed by the sheer volume of INFO IN YER POST.

    you know Id love the brownies and the protein husband thinks I was born sans tastebuds.

    ADORE the fashion friday.
    yes when you ended with the H.H. I had a childhood flashback.


    now Im wondering, you know, were I to make it again as an experiment---would I gag? love?
    who can say...

  2. Curses! The "serving size" trap has sprung again. I hate that.

    Size small in a coolio shirt pretty much would be a stand-alone post. Sweet. Ditto for the pink zebra ensemble. You are getting BOLD!

    The idea of a nectarine (or any other fruit tree) growing in my backyard makes me feel empty inside. Even in the summer, the nectarines I'm getting at the store are just meh.

    Totally irreleveant: The word verification is "dement." lol

  3. Love the outfit Shelley, it looks really good on you! And the shirt is lovely, something I would buy myself, love blue and the pattern.

    The food looks damn good, it's a good thing I just finished lunch otherwise I would be licking the screen :lol:

    I think our food industry is not so developed at the dieting products as the USA have. They could improve a lot here with that.

  4. All of this food looks so freaking yummy!
    I totally agree with you about the two servings in one package thing. That drives me CRAZY!
    The shirt combo looks really cute on you. Love it!

  5. I'm with you in hating when companies mislable/fake package like that. I think it ought to be against the law!

    I was thinking about how I was going to eat my pasta dinner tonight (pre-race) and you've given me a great idea with your orzo dish - thanks.

    I LOVE the outfit this week. It might be one of my favorites yet... maybe it's that hot pink! You look beautiful.

  6. I love your newsy chatty posts. You look kick ass great in the Ann Taylor Loft stuff. Someday I hope to be thin enough to wear stuff from there. My daughter does and I'm always seething with envy!

    I think packaging and nutritional info done in that shady inaccurate way really stinks. I've done the same thing. I've finally learned to look first at how many servings per pack before going any further.

  7. When we first moved out to the SF Bay area, I lasted months before giving into my wife's request to go to a chain restaurant. Going to Carls Jr would have been a tragedy in more ways than one...I'm glad you resisted.

    And yes...there is some amazing sushi out there too.

  8. You look gorgeous! You got a great tan in CA it seems.

    You have been my inspiration ALL week. Just thought you should know that! :)

  9. Hamburger Helper in the natural aisle? Is that the April Fools aisle or the "stupid people will buy anything if it says natural" aisle?

    And where did you find those long shorts? That length is so good and hard to find for shorties!

  10. Love that you found your favorite in a smaller size. I confess to having several "sets" of clothes in two sizes. Something so useful or perfect for the purpose that I need to have it still, when I lose. I need to follow your practice of wearing out the bigger size and not looking back. Love the pink AT outfit too--you're right, adding the sweater makes the look.

  11. I love Ann Taylor (on sale) too! She has sporty and cute stuff!

  12. The brownie situation would have upset me too!


  13. Fashion looks fantastic. Food fotos as well. Yum on that CA nectarine.

    I'd love a protein brownie. I could go for that easy. I don't think my doctor would though.

    Loved the natural foods isle at Slaveway. haha
    And caveat eater is very funny! I think that's the name of the game every day.

  14. Ridiculous the package says 20 gram of protein. It should say 10. That kind of stuff sends me over the edge!

    And you look fantastic!

  15. Fun fun post, Shelley! I LOVE love love the pink ruffly shirt. And I agree it looks better with the sweater. But I bet in person the ruffly shirt looks just great on you. I'm just thinking about how tiny and slim you looked in person.

    Hate hate hate companies that do that stupid single serving/but really two servings thing with their stats.

    I really like fixing any rice or pasta dish the way you guys did--heavy on the veggies, with just a bit of rice or pasta. Just tastes so good that way. I've used those tofu shiratake noodles occasionally, but my favorite way is a hungry girl recipe for peach kugel--a breakfast/dessert type of thing.

    Glad you found your favorite shirt again--how often does that happen? I've got a couple of favorites that I wish I had bought seconds of. Oh, well...

  16. We have an Anne Taylor outlet near me - I love it because the petite sizes are a perfect fit for us shorties.

    Love all your food pics! I've always loved those tofu noodles - I usually marinate them with my tofu because otherwise they really don't have much flavor.

    I've never heard of Carl's Jr., so I imagine its like Hardees or Jack in the Box? Love all your healthy eating chica!

    Fudgemonkeys! I just love saying that now! :D

  17. Great post! Loved how you 'schooled' "Lenny & Larry" for their less than forthright packaging. :-) I agree that companies need to make packaging more 'consumer friendly' with regards to making it easier to determine serving sizes! Either a score-line on the product or a big "2 servings" stamped on the FRONT of the package!
    Great food pics! Also loved your "fashion friday" post. I agree that layering can make all the difference. Have a GREAT weekend!
    Oh, loved the hamburger helper photo.... natural food my a**! LOL :-)

  18. Score on finding your favorite shirt's skinny twin! I had the worlds most perfect pants when I was two sizes larger. Wish I could find their twin.

  19. Ohhh you're in a SMALL?? COngratulations! That's awesome :)

  20. OK, so much to say about this post Shelley!

    I love the pink sweater outfit!! I think for the longest time I wore nothing but black pants/black, grey shirts, totally drab! I love wearing more colorful clothes now!

    And, I can't tell you how many times I've eaten a serving then went back to find out it's 2 servings. Once my husband got bagels at our local supermarket in the fresh bread bakery section. they had the nutritional information, and he came home to say it was 250 calories for this HUGE bagel and I made a sandwich with it every day, I was super happy, until I found out it was only for 1 half! WTF?

    And, I think that's the problem with a lot of stores, putting Hamburger Helper under the natural foods, some people might think that's what they are eating!

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink top and cardigan! LOFT is one of my favorite stores.

    All your food photos are making me hungry!

  22. You look great in that color PINK, glowing!

    #2-your salads look wonderful!
    #3-I cracked up about the shirts! I would never buy the same shirt because I get so tired of the same thing but hey, a SIZE small was definitely in order...congrats!
    #4-Muscle Brownies sound funny but good!
    Have a great week!

  23. Oh Shelley! A size SMALL? I'm so so so so happy for you. That's terrific. You look great, chick. You really do. :)


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