Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Mishmash - and Scape Winner!

The winner of the Scape sunscreen and lip balm is:

Congratulations! Email me your mailing address and I'll get your package in the mail next week!


As I mentioned in my WWU, I'm working all week - filling in for my co-worker who is on vacation who filled in for me when I was on vacation. Whew, that was quite the sentence...haha, get it? I crack myself up sometimes. Anyway, I'm not used to this. And I've resorted to bribery to keep me happy, as evidenced by where I took myself for lunch on Wednesday:

Red Mango! I sat outside in the shade, and even though it was about a gazillion degrees, the heat felt good combined with the coolness of the frozen yogurt. Now, I know I shouldn't be bribing myself with food, but sometimes it's still necessary. And at least it wasn't Cold Stone - baby steps, right?


Speaking of food, nothing made me happier last weekend than to open my (working, hurray!) fridge to see all of this:

Tons of fresh fruit, veggies all sliced and ready for big salad dinners (two nights), all the healthy fixin's to keep me on the right track. It's a little work to get everything (especially the watermelon) cut and put into plastic containers, but being able to just reach in and grab some fruit or veggies when hunger strikes is totally worth it.

That said, I have been doing some stress eating this week - not horrible, calorie-wise - but do I really need to have an Oikos Chocolate yogurt AND a couple of Dove dark chocolate Promises every evening? It's less than 200 calories total, but just the fact that I'm going a bit off the deep end makes me realize that I'm not cured of my food issues. Need to get a grip, and soon!


Hey, did you know that my picture is on the box of Special K cereal? Well, at least it's on one box, anyway...

I woke to find this in my friend Matt had replaced fitness expert Jessica Smith with me - I love it!


As Jeff has been in town this week, we had return of the big salads for dinner - I will admit to getting pretty lazy about getting my veggies in when I'm just cooking for me (I usually end up having cereal and fruit or yogurt and fruit for dinner). This one was a beauty:

Romaine, cucumber, radishes, mushrooms, avocado, toasted pecans, Gorgonzola, raspberries and sliced chicken breast, topped with Newman's Own Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette. Really tasty, although the raspberries got a little lost - I guess they were too delicate for the rest of the strong flavors.

Another easy and oh-so-good dinner I made was my *gourmet* scrambled eggs - I fancied them up with sauteed mushrooms, fresh baby spinach, feta cheese and a liberal sprinkling of Frank's Hot Sauce. Hmmm, I just realized that I eat a lot of breakfast foods for dinner. Is that weird?
Served with a beautiful (and actually tasty) Roma tomato and a Thomas multi-grain English muffin. Deeeelicious!


Look at these flowers that were growing in front of a restaurant in Capitola (yes I am still getting mileage from my vacation, lol) - I pay good money (well, not very often, but I HAVE bought them) to get these from my local florist Sam's Club, and there they were, just growing right where I could have picked them!

Alstroemeria - gorgeous!

Also, check out the cool thunderheads that formed Wednesday evening - I snapped this picture when I got home from work:

Unfortunately, we only got a little bit of rain, but it did bring the temperatures down to the mid 80's - woohoo!


And now it's time for Fashion Friday - and boy are you in for a treat, as I have several outfits since I worked all week (have I mentioned that already? are you feeling as sorry for me as I am? LOL). Ok, enough complaining...on with the show:

Monday: This picture cracks me up because I had no idea Paco snuck in the shot...and he even was looking at the camera! I'm wearing capris that I took from Barbara's "too big" pile of clothes - what's funny is that she bought them last summer when she was visiting me, and was all excited because they were size 6. Now they are too big for her, but I'm all "ooh, a size 6!" My top is from TJ Ross (either TJ Maxx or Ross, can't remember) and the shoes are these cute black with silver accent cork flip flops - a little uncomfortable by the end of the day, but oh well. My hair - geez, I should have looked at these pictures earlier in the week - I just pulled it back in a clip after I washed it. Really looks pretty bad now that I see it like this. May have to rethink the whole "hippie hair" style.Trying a pensive pose - think I just look goofy instead.
Tuesday: Wearing my new white denim jacket! I LOVE this jacket so much! Unfortunately, it was over 100 degrees, so it didn't stay on for long.I officially have my high school neck back - this coral necklace finally fits again! And yes, I have had it since I was in high school - real coral - I wore it a lot. So glad I can wear it now.
Wednesday: Ha! Paco the sneaky dog strikes again! Wearing my denim capris and my size small favorite shirt. Was having a really good hair day but you can't tell from the picture...but once I saw Paco in it, I knew this was the one to post.
Thursday: Flowy top that I wore a while ago with dark pants. Not sure it looks as good with Bermudas - plus I can't shake the fat feeling I have while wearing it. Breezy and comfortable, though. Once again, Paco snuck into the picture! Oh, and eagle eyes might notice that I wore the same style sandals three days in a row, although a different color on Tuesday. What can I say - I fall into fashion ruts pretty easily!

Alright, that's it for this week's mishmash...have a great weekend!


  1. I love a well-stocked fridge. Ours is a shambles because we are leaving for vacation, but I am looking forward to stocking it back up when we return!

    All your breezy summer outfits are wonderful! Looks like you've got a nice "flop=proof outfit" working for you: patterned top, cropped pants, pretty necklace and cute sandals. Work it!

  2. ok I LOVE MATT!!!!

    we have that a lot around here too BUT I do it for myself.

    on mag covers.
    on book covers.
    all for my vision board.

    I need me a MATT!

  3. I actually really like your hippie hairstyle!!!!

  4. I spy coconut water in your fridge!! Nummy!

    Bribing with food doesn't have to be a bad thing. If a carrot works, sometimes you just have to use it.

  5. Hot sauce and eggs. Be still my beating heart. Best food combo since chocolate and peanut butter.

    All my dogs do the same photo crash. Is it instinct?

    And, looking smokin' as always!

  6. Hi Shelley,

    I always like to check in to see if you're doing Fashion Friday. That first photo is my fave. That Paco--what a hambone! He adds a high-fashion flair, along with the fluted column.

    You look great in everything! A size six, you go Girl!

  7. All the clothes look great, but the white jacket and shirt combo look stunning on you!! You could pair that with a pair of dark wash jeans in the fall and that will be a kick butt outfit!! You could even roll the sleeves up just a bit and make it cooler.

    The flowy tops look great on you also. :)

    As for the dessert, just remember that it could be way worse and if you are like me, it was worse for a long time. Your habits are healthier. Celebrate that!

  8. Lots of really cute outfits. I hadn't thought of finding a white denim jacket...really good idea and it looked fabulous on you.

  9. I'm still laughing at Paco who manages to get in every picture :) A lot like Bella who seems to be in my outfits pictures most of the time too. I love Thursday's outfit the most, especially the top.

    That salad looks delicious! You should really eat that more when Jeff is away. I admire it that you chop everything and store it in your fridge. I never do that, sometimes the night before if I need it the next day. But then again my fridge is always so full with everything, I don't have the room to store plastic boxes. Hmmm just got an idea to make a picture some day for my 365 photo challenge.

    Have a great weekend Shelley and last ... wear your hair without the clip, looks much better on you.

    Love you. xxx

  10. Love this whole post. You look mahvelous on the Special K box as well as in your outfits.

    The picture of the thundercoulds is incredible. I'm going to try to enlarge it and print it out when I get home. It actually gives me goosebumps. Something/somebody created that!

  11. Woohoo! I won! I don't know how to find your email address to send you my mailing address :(, so I'll leave my email here and hopefully we can communicate info that way:

    svandrie (at) gmail (dot) com

    Can't wait to try out the goods!

  12. I love Paco the Wonder Dog in all those pics - totally cracked me up!

    I actually like your hair pulled back - it looks good!

    Sorry you were stressed this week with all the work, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! :D

    Happy Friday Shelley!

    p.s. love the cloud picture too - can't have too many!

  13. So much to comment on! Absolutely love Paco sneaking into all those pictures. What a clever boy.

    The thunder clouds are fantastic. That is what I miss about Texas--the dramatic skies.

    The food pics are fantastic. Think I will have an eggie scramble this weekend. And bribing yourself with frozen yogurt--that doesn't sound like a problem to me (who has taken to 'bribing' herself 'if I make it through work today without stress eating I can get a frozen yogurt on the way home. How old did I say I was?)

    Your frig. is inspiring me. I keep my frig. well-stocked, but its not quite as organized. Plus I always like an excuse to buy more plastic containers.

  14. I want Matt to be my friend too ;-)

    Looks like you're doing great considering all the extra work this week. And now I feel bad because I've been a TOTAL slacker in the being prepared and cooking department.

    The white denim jacket? That's my favorite outfit!

  15. I would looove my fridge to look like that - maybe someday when the kids have gone off to collage :)

    Love the outfits and whoo hoo on size 6!

  16. Paco is so cute. He must be a great help picking out all of those outfits! Vee at

  17. I love your hippie hair, which totally isn't hippie hair, I am quoting you to you.
    I made gazpacho this week, it is awesome because you can just drink your veggies.

  18. Why is this statement below considered "going off the deep end?"

    "Oikos Chocolate yogurt AND a couple of Dove dark chocolate Promises every evening? It's less than 200 calories total,..."

    The only "going off the deep end " I see is your judging what you are eating because it's chocolate (less than 200 calories?) What makes the pecans, chicken, & gorgonzola not a deep end?

    Matt should have put you in a bikini on that Special K box.

  19. About the walking breaks: you can take them as often as you want too.

    For me it depends on how I'm feeling that day.

    When I did my 8K two weeks ago I had a minute walking break at every 2K which means around every 14 minutes.

    The week after that I did a 9K and didn't feel well, I started out with every 2.3K but ended up doing them every 5 minutes after halfway the run.

    Last Friday at my 9K I took a break at every 1.5K which was about 10 minutes.

    I read a blog by a girl who's training for a full marathon and she consistenly does all her long runs with 6 minutes running, 1 minute walking break.

    The fun of these breaks is that you can play with it how you want it, there are no rules. So I would just try what works best for you. The only thing is that you start walking before you get tired, that's the idea behind it so you can finish you run fresh.

    Good luck!

  20. Just remembered, here's a link to Jeff Galloway's where the run-walk-run method is explained:

  21. Looking great Shelley! Love that Paco keeps sneaking into the pics :)
    Love the Special K box!

  22. I love the picture of the clouds after the storm, I love taking pictures like that!

    And how cool is size 6 for capris!!! Lucky!

    You are doing so great Shelley! And just a little snack at night of a special treat is OK in my book!


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