Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Mishmash - California Edition

But first...please allow me to shriek like a little girl:
Far right...Close up...

Sweet Kristina Mastrocola from Woman's World magazine contacted me a while back, asking for my(!!!) opinion on flavored bottled water - and I was thrilled to be able to plug my favorite, VitaCoco. I really do love this stuff - my (currently not working - oh yeah, that's been fun) fridge always has several boxes in it. Ok, on to your regular dose of mish.


I had a great vacation - I swear, I stepped off the plane and we never stopped moving the entire time! My first night there, we were just sitting around after the delicious, stupendously-healthy dinner that Barbara had prepared (gotta love having a friend who is into the whole eating-right thing), when the subject of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk came up. Theresa was finally tall enough to ride the Giant Dipper for the first time a couple of weeks ago and, of course, loved it. She was ready to go back, and as it was dollar-ride night, off we went...and I rode it! I haven't been on that ride since I was a teenager - on all of my recent visits, there was no way I could have fit on the ride. But things are different now and I am saying yes to a whole lot of living, including riding a rickety old wooden roller coaster! Let me tell you - it was fun and scary! Barbara told me at what point to smile for the autocamera, but I couldn't stop screaming enough to do that.
Also please note deathgrip on front of car, lol.
This roller coaster first opened in 1924 - click here for more fun facts!

We also rode Kite Flight, which mimicked hang gliding over the beach. Pushed my motion-sickness luck with that one and was a little green by the end of the ride. Still, what a fun, spontaneous thing to do on my first night there!


Barbara has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since I've started losing weight, but on Monday it was my turn to cheer for her as she reached her "free" weight at Weight Watchers - two pounds to goal means that her meetings are now free! Woohoo - looking good, my friend!
Celebrating - she's freeeeeeeee!!!!!


Fashion Friday should really be called "Dressing Room Friday" because everything featured was from our shopping trips. I promise I'll have a real outfit or two next week, but for now, let's take a peek into a few selections (oh, and sorry for the yellow hue - dressing room lights, what can I say?).
First up - THE DRESS. Barbara brought this into the dressing room - we were trying on almost everything that each other had picked out. I was shocked - shocked! - when this sheath dress fit me! This style never worked on me back in the olden days when I was thin. Not sure what the difference is - maybe the workouts have changed my body shape? Anyway, I loved it.

Donna Ricco silk dress - originally $158; on sale for $47. I can see this going for both summer and winter depending on what I wear with it. Around the collar and waist is pleated black grosgrain ribbon - it just feels like a classic dress to me. Hope I can accessorize enough to do it justice!
Next up we have white jeans - I've been wanting a pair, and loved these. The brand? Not Your Daughter's Jeans. The price? $98. Not This Forty-Something's Jeans, either, lol. But they fit great, and I'm hoping I can find them on a really good sale someday. Btw, Theresa is wearing a skirt as a dress - she's quite the inspired fashionista!

We scored big time at the Ann Taylor Loft sale - I got several cute tops and a pink and cream cardigan, which I can't wait to wear. I also scored a cute white cardigan from Barbara's sister, Sandi! Hopefully the next few weeks of Fashion Friday will be fun with the new clothes.
Here we are in our "twins" outfit. I liked these boyfriend jeans on Barbara (and she bought them) but on me the size 8 was too big and the size 6 too small. Boo. Loved the black tee - I bought it, while Barbara bought in in gray to go with some gorgeous gray pants. I did buy a pair of curvy bootcut jeans (size 6, what was up with that when the boyfriend jeans wouldn't fit?) that were not a dark wash. I had a hard time thinking that they looked ok - all I could see were my hefty thighs. But Sandi was with us on this trip (hi, Sandi!) and she said that I was looking at myself through my "old eyes" - so I took her and Barbara's word, and bought them. Plus they were marked down from $59.50 to $4.88 - even with hemming, I'll still come out ahead! I'll feature those jeans once I get them back from alterations.
I believe Theresa picked out this dress - we all tried it on and I have to say that interestingly enough, we all looked fabulous in it!Had to throw this in here...since I tried on my wedding dress a while back, Barbara had me try on hers as well. I could actually zip it all the way up - too bad we were so busy doing "bridal portrait" poses that we forgot to take a picture of the back!

All right, I'll stop torturing you now...but if you look below, you'll see one more item that I bought - a white Levi's denim jacket which was on sale for $26 - love, love, love it!


On Sunday evening, Debby came to Santa Cruz and we met up for, what else, some frozen yogurt and good conversation! We fell right into talking - love that about bloggers...we pretty much know each other even when we've never officially met. I had to laugh when one of the first things she said to me was that I was shorter than she imagined...and I was taller than her!
Debby posted a similar picture on her blog a few days ago and I loved that many comments said that we looked like sisters - I always wanted a sister! I have to tell you that she is so pretty, and if we really had grown up together, I would have been jealous of her!


A few more random California pictures:
Look - a whale (and it's not me!) - Monterey Bay Aquarium
Pedicures! And new flip flops for me...and yes, I *did* match my nail polish to the flip flops!
Recipe for disaster: Orange juice, tequila and sushi. Seen while at the Safeway buying Laughing Cow cheese and more importantly, getting cash back. No ATM fees for me! :)
I'll leave you with the man walking around Natural Bridges with a live bunny on his head. Santa Cruz, what can I say? Gotta love it!


  1. laughing
    not sure if I should take as a sign?

    (of what Im not sure. needing a new laptop?)

    My computer is happily showing your post sans photos.

    with big black boxes filled with white space!

    Ill be back.




    Looks like you've had a great time according to the photo's. I never ride a rollercoaster, I'm too much of a chicken to do that because of the heights.

    Cool that you are quoted in the magazine! I still haven't tried coconut water. I know there's a store where I can buy it but I have to go to another town for it. If I'm there I will buy it (if I don't forget)

  3. What a wonderful, joyful and entertaining post. Let me think...first, you and Debby could almost be sisters! How great to meet up and catch up with a blogger!

    The dresses are so cute - you look fantastic. The first dress was my favorite - great colors on you.

    Now that you've been quoted in a magazine, will you be signing autographs? I have to try that water, though I don't think I've seen it on the east coast.

    Your whole trip looks like it was an endless blast of fun and connection. Inspiring!

  4. I LOVE your blog! You are such an inspiration. Your pictures are amazing. Thank you for inspiring me every single day!

  5. Your joy is just leaping out of this post and the pictures. Oh what fun! And a bunny on the head? WTH? I guess that's fun, too.

    Loved the fashion pics - and the white denim jacket - you will wear the tail off of that thing.

    Have a fabulous weekend. Oh, and sorry about the fridge!

  6. If you didn't buy that black dress, I'm going to pop. Wowza.

    It is so cool that you have a great friend like Barbara joining you on this new life. That's so special. And rare.

    And way to end the blog. lol.

  7. Good for you about being in the article. I'm so jealous!

    Love the clothing, especially the black dress. And the man with the bunny ... I wish ours would do that!

    Vee at

  8. You look gorgeous in that Donna Riccio dress! I can't wait until my shape is right for that sort of fit because I do love it!

    Your whole trip looks like it was so much fun - and restful and soul feeding. Great that you have a friend and place to go to like that.

  9. I love all the outfits, especially the first dress, you look amazing in it. Also, I love the bunny on the guy's head, my son has a book about a boy with a bunny on his head, too funny.

    PS You won the monkey shake on my blog a while back, I need your address still so I can get it out to you. Please email me allieisarunningfool@yahoo

  10. Your face on the rollercoater says it all! Way to score on the white Levi jacket. Love it! The 1st dress was gorgeous.

    Funny what you'll see while waitng in the checkout line. Bunny Man was awesome! I love characters.

  11. Ok...dresses...are YOUR thing. You are looking wonderful!

    I miss our days in the bay area...too bad it was just too darned expensive to actually live there...we shouldn't have left really...sigh.

  12. Oh, that sheath dress, so perfect for you!

    What a great vacation you had! That's a roller coaster and a death grip! I've been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Really cool.

    I always wanted a sister, too, but came to the conclusion that she would have been thin and "Mom's favorite". I would have been jealous of Debby growing up, too.

    Lots of great fashion finds; looking forward to future Fashion Fridays. Enjoy the weekend!

  13. Wow, your second magazine feature! You'll be famous in no time!

    Loved all the clothes shopping and glad you and Barbara had such a good time.

    Still jealous of the blogger meet up - some day Shelley!

    Happy Friday!

  14. Roller coasters, lover me a good roller coaster. I have not gone on as many as I desire the past decade due to my size. So looking forward to going coaster crazy next summer when my size WILL NOT be an issue any more.

  15. You look gorgeous in the black long dress and I love the white jean jacket. So glad you had so much fun.

  16. Shelley! what a great mishmash! I'm glad you didn't take offense at me saying you were short--I mean, its silly when I am SO short. Body dysmorphia or something. Anyway, what I didn't say was that the rest of the time I kept thinking about how tiny you are, as in so slim. Just fantastic what you have done, and inspiration for me to keep trying. When I run now I always think about the progress you have made with your running. I'm glad people said we looked like sisters. That's what I thought when I saw the pics myself.

    That dress is definitely a classic. And it fits you PERFECTLY. A lot of colors look really good on you. I think turquoise is a classic on you.

    I laughed and SO related to the a whale and its not me comment. My animals were whale and elephant. Still love both of them...

    So glad we got to meet. Maybe I'll get to come cheer you on at your next race out here.

  17. Poor bunny! I can see from this post that you were really squeezed for time. Great photos and great clothing deals too.

  18. Wow it looks like you had a great time. I love the dress. My favorite is the bunny on the guys head though. Cute.

  19. Congrats on the WW world shout out! Your traffic's gonna skyrocket :)

    LOVE the blue dress. My favorite photo, though, is of you in the wedding dress. Very nice.

    Congrats to Barbara!

    Can't wait to meet you and Debby together in one room so I can be the tall one.

    Bunny on the head? Is that like walking with a book on your head to learn poise? Hmmm....

    Oh, and I see the visual verification below is a big red X again. Sigh...I hope this works. Cut and paste time.

  20. I love it Shelley! You just look so fabulous. Being between a 6 and an 8 - can you believe you wrote that without there being a 1 (or even 2) in front of that single digit??

    Sounds like a fabulous time!

  21. Too much to reply to you in your Friday Mish-Mashes!!! :)

    Congrats on the magazine mention -- that is SO COOL. And your trip looks like it was wonderful; you and your friend are clearly having a wonderful time!

    Okay, onto the clothes! :)
    1. I am not at all surprised to see you rocking the sheath. Yes, your body is changing from the exercise, and as you keep going with it, it will continue to change. You may have extra bits now around your middle, but I don't think it will be forever. And the great secret of sheaths is that you can find ones made of certain materials that don't *cling* to you but instead stand up on their own as a shape and let your body fit into it rather fitting around YOU, if that makes any sense. Like the one you have here!

    Love the ombre top with the white jeans -- see how that works so much better than with a darker bottom?

    Hee I got the same tee that you got in black, but mine were yellow and white!

    Boyfriend jeans fit differently than regular jeans -- they are supposed to be looser and baggier in spots, and the sizing is often not the same as regular jeans.

    LOVE that pretty black dress! The collar is so cool on you!

  22. Shelley, congrats on the magazine mention, that's so cool!! Awesome trip you are having!

  23. The photos of the food are mostly to stay accountable to myself: I know I have to photograph everything and post it so that must help me to stay on track. But comments/suggestions are as always welcome.

    As for the run-walk-run method: you should try it. It works perfect for me. The mental block of running that far is gone now I've split it up in "short" runs. For me it works, I'm happy I made the decision.

  24. Looks like you had a fantastic trip - and what a great haul from all the shopping you did!! I love those white jeans on you too, they're gorgeous!

  25. eeeekkk -- Can I shriek w/ you? how exciting to be in Women's World!

    I don't comment as often as I'd like but I love all your clothing pictures - your beautiful and I love seeing you smile when you look in the mirror.


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