Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July Fun Run Recap!

Woohoo, a Sunday post! Just wanted to do a little recap of the Fourth of July Fun Run that I ran this morning. This was a free, very casual race put on by our local Lion's Club. It was held at one of the parks that I normally run at, so I figured why not get up extra early on Sunday morning and join them? Yeah, I did question that decision when my alarm went off at 6:00 am, but once I got moving I was ok with it. Plus, this was my first race with Ricky Bobby, and I thought it would be a good practice run for the Whart-to-Wharf that I'll be running in three weeks.

Being that this was a run celebrating the Fourth of July, I dressed appropriately:

Picture is a little washed out, shirt, white hat, blue shorts.My creative side came out and I tied some patriotic ribbon to my hat......and my shoes!
Waiting for the start, while the race official (I'm using this term loosely) described the course..."You can run this path for a mile, and then if you run from the first round-about with the Texas flag to the third round-about with the city flag - well, it was the city flag yesterday but today it's the American flag, and then you can run through this pathway..." at one point during his speech, I asked the lady next to me "Is there a finish line?" and she was all "I'm not sure" - so I pretty much decided to follow wherever the people in front of me went. Then the official pulled out a starter pistol from his shorts and BANG!!! we were off! A little overkill for such a small race, but you gotta love Texas, old men, and their chance to shoot a gun any time they can! Action shot right at the beginning of me unsuccessfully ducking a tree branch!
The path I ended up running - I did two laps around the big area and then two around the smaller, shaded area for a total of 3.1 miles - while this was advertised as a 4K, I figured with as loose as the paths were, I could just do my own distance (and no, I didn't end up running from round-about to round-about).Coming in for the finish - and this picture could mean that I'm either way ahead of everyone, or way behind...LOL, what do you think?!? Actually, since I made up my own distance, I was one of the last people to finish, but I covered more miles. AND, my time was normal, for me - 35:38 for a 5K.

Now, I did a few dumb things with this race. Somehow, I got it in my head that a 4K (which is what it was billed as) was going to be easy-peasy for me. Dur, Shelley - it's still almost 2.5 miles! I also was so focused on my outfit that I didn't wear a headband, and sweat was pouring into my eyes...not fun. I didn't bring a damp washcloth like I did last weekend, which would have been nice to blot the sweat AND cool me down a bit.

The other dumb thing I did was that I let myself be intimidated by all the other people around me and I didn't start running with my music - because my iTouch has a speaker, I don't wear headphones (I don't like them anyway), and I was worried that other people might be bothered by hearing my music. Me being me, I hit the wall about half a mile in (it's that solitary running thing), and I had to unstrap it from my arm, get it started, and re-strap it...while running the entire time. Ironically, that was my best mile time at 10:51, so apparently I'm very good at multi-tasking! Once I had the music going it was much better and I didn't think about quitting the rest of the run.

To all of my American readers, Happy Independence Day!!! And to everyone else - have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Enjoy the fact that you got up early and got your running in. Now, enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Shelley! Congrats on the 4K! That picture clearly shows you in the LEAD! I understand everything you said about the thoughts that enter your mind. It's our worst enemy sometimes. Glad the iTouch helped through the rest of the race. Happy July 4th!

  3. I am totally impressed! Look how slim you look in that first picture! You are in the lead, no matter what. Happy 4th!

  4. Congrats on your race! Love how you got into the spirit of the day dress-wise! Have a GREAT 4th!!

  5. Dang Shelley - you are looking so slim and trim now!

    Race bloopers happen all the time. At least you crossed the finish line and in good time, too :D

    One thing this is hard to do is participate in disorganized races!

  6. Bravo, Shelley! That was a great way for you to celebrate! You look so cute on the run!

  7. You look too freaking cute. Great time. Proud of you for taking the longer route! HAPPY 4th!

  8. Great run Shelley!

    And of course you're good at multitasking: that's what we woman do best!

  9. Love the race recaps. And completely agree with Lori about how slim and trim you look.

    I was telling my BFF this morning about you and how you 'hit the wall' at 0.1 miles and that's when I knew we were destined to be good friends LOL!

    Still so excited about my Nike plus. I'm gonna go out this morning and try to run before I hit quilt town. Yesterday I went out and only walked the whole three miles. Was so sore--hoping it was from two days of being in a car driving (and not the extra pounds I've put on from car snacking...)

  10. Congrats on your run! I am going to do my first 5K next month. I am so excited!


  11. Wow! So behind on blog reading and especially missing YOURS! Happy (belated) 4th to you, friend. Your Fun Run sounds... really fun! and a little disorganized, but that's funnY. Ha Ha. Love your thoughts about multi-tasking (you go, girl!), unnecessary tree-ducking (you were loosening your neck, I'm certain), and TX men w/ guns (LOL). Your outfit was cute, even though you sacrificed w/ sweat in the eyes - HATE THAT.

    Hugs! We had a fun run, too, w/ family members earning their first-ever PRs. So cool!

  12. Terrific run! Oh...Ricky Bobby texted Big Brother...they are both very proud of you!

  13. You are just cute! Good for you for doing your own thing on the run, I love the "is there a finish line?"

  14. Look at you go! Love the cute laces. Good for you for slogging through.


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