Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update and New Bike Pictures!

Sunday: Somehow Ricky Bobby and I got our wires crossed and he wouldn't tell me my mileage as I ran. Boooooo Ricky Bobby! Aw, just kidding - I could never stay mad at you! Anyway, I discovered this as I started running - the screen displaying TIME and PACE was showing, and as I am not versed enough in his tricks, I quickly decided to run for time...I knew that when I was done and uploaded the stats to the Garmin website, I would see my mileage. SO, since I could see the pace, I tried to keep it slow - in the 12 minute range, and run for 40 minutes. Which I did! Weird not knowing how far, though. Long story short, when I got home, I found out that I ran 3.25 miles, so I was happy, as I set out to do a 5K!

Monday: Linda had us doing a countdown workout in cardio, where we each had a machine (I had the treadmill) and we had to burn 30 calories on it, then do 30 push ups, ball slams, bag kicks, ab dolly crunches and box jumps. Then back on the machine to burn 25 calories, and on to the rest...counting down to five. I made it to 20 on the treadmill, so I guess I will be finishing this workout on Wednesday - oh joy, lots more box jumps!

Brad was back from his maternity/paternity leave and put us through the ringer in the gym via a golf workout - every station had a "par" set for it, which meant that if this one was a "two par" then we could only take two breaks during the 50 reps. I did ok - it was mostly arm stuff - except for one arms were burning by the time I got there and was one over par - oops! And it was funny - we did an ab station where you put your arms in these slings hanging from a rack (you have to stand on a chair to do this) and then bend your knees and bring them up to your belly button level - 50 times. I only took one break and thought "this wasn't bad at all" - until I woke up the next morning - oh, my abs had, indeed, gotten a workout!

Tuesday: Who ran five miles today? Why, that would be Jenny and I - that's right...we RAN FIVE FREAKIN' MILES!!! I am so proud of us, you have no idea! It was tough, not gonna lie, but the cool thing was that after we hit four miles and had our one-minute walk break, as soon as we started running again we hit a PR (personal record) for longest distance ran - woohoo! Celebrate the victories every chance you get!!! We ran around the park for several miles and then set off running toward Smoothie King. This was very challenging for us and I am so pleased that we DID IT!

Thanks to Helen's awesome tech support, I was able to set Ricky Bobby to beep after every mile, to give us one minute of "rest" (we slowed to a walk and drank water) and then beep again to start she helped me set the display so I could see our pace, distance and time - we tried to keep a slower pace since we were running so far. Also thanks to Helen's astonishment admonishment encouragement I brought my hand-held water bottle thingie and a pack of Sports Beans for us to share. In our talk on Monday, she couldn't believe that we weren't bringing water along on our runs, especially in this heat. Plus she gave me some good advice on replenishing carbs after a few miles...because after all, we want to keep running, and being dehydrated and depleted of fuel won't help with that!

So what's the difference between running three miles on Sunday and five miles on Tuesday? Sore legs! legs have not been sore with three mile runs, but this one did me in. I used the Stick and, again on Helen's advice, soaked my legs in a bathtub full of cold water. Apparently ice baths also help, but I couldn't bring myself to do that just yet. I will say that the cold bath did help, and while I was pretty beat for a few hours after the run, I did manage to vacuum my house late in the afternoon, so I'd say that was a pretty good recovery. Then I brought in my mail, and look what came:
It's my bib and info for the 10K I'm doing in California on July 25th!!!

Wednesday: We finished the cardio workout from Monday - it was easier because we started where we left off, so I was in the 20's on my countdown, although the box jumps still took the longest for me to do. I don't think they'll ever be easy for me. In the gym we did more golf "par" stations, among them, 50 push ups on the Indo board, which is quite challenging to stay balanced...I think I broke par on that one because I kept having to reset myself - oh well, I got them done!


It's June, so that means its time to update my bike pictures. A little history: I started riding my bike as my first form of exercise when I began my diet. It was all I could do to ride three laps around my street - not block, street. Slowly I began to build up my laps, and also my desire for a fun, cute, PINK about five weeks into my journey, I was able to get this Electra Hawaiian Cruiser, which I still love to this day! Her name is Ipoholo, which means Sweet Ride in Hawaiian. While I still ride her (and Paco still loves to race me), she isn't my sole form of exercise anymore, but she was my start!

June 2010 - 110 pounds lost!
June 2009 - 77 pounds lost!
June 2008 - 16 pounds lost
June 2010 - Jeff's outfit choice (no, I really don't ride my bike in a dress!)

While there doesn't look like a huge difference between June '09 and June '10, I'm pleased - changes are still happening and that is a win in my book.


  1. Jeff has good taste concerning the dress!

    I never bring water on runs less than 5 miles but then again it isn't as hot here as it is where you are.

    Great workouts this week Shelley and so excited for your 10K in July.

    Still have to look for that Bondi band but there's so much choice, I can't decide :)

  2. Woo hoo! I was out RUN -NING (said like Forrest Gump) this morning, and thinking about you. You are a big inspiration to me to keep trying to run. Because you 'hit the wall' at 0.l miles just like me.

    I LOVE the bike pics. And there is a BIG difference in 2009 and 2010. And woo hoo to Jeff's choice --fantastic dress.

    Oh, the bib makes the Ca trip real, doesn't it? I can hardly wait!

  3. Congrats on the 5 mile run and good luck on your Calif. run. I love the bike pictures and you are the reason I brought my bike. I don't get to ride it much right now, but I plan on taking to to deer camp in August and riding every weekend. I do not have my wii there. Oh yes and I love the dress on you.

  4. Girl you are ah-maz-ing! And you look so pretty in your new bike pictures, you outshine Ipoholo! (BTW, biking is excellent cross training when you start running a lot in preparation for your half.) Glad RB cooperated for your 5 miler and really glad you took the water along. I do think you need to look into a pretty Pink or Purple Fuel Belt! So much easier to deal with than the hand helds and your beans will fit right in the little pouch.

  5. You're a winner in my book too! Love ya Lady! I love that I have "known" you for all of those pics.

  6. I really love those bike pictures. The changes from year to year are inspiring.

  7. You don't even look like the same person Shelley!!

    I'm glad you took Helen's advice on bringing water on your runs! I could never go running without it.

    Great job on the 5 miles, that's so awesome!

  8. Whatchyu talkin' about Willis? Can't see a difference between June '09 and June '10? I see a lot of difference - tone, definition, attitude AND pounds.

    Congrats on the long run - that is awesome. You've got that 10K in the bag.

  9. That ab workout is like doing the captain's chair. Deceptively hard.

    Yay for bike pictures. It's funny how your bike looks giant next to tiny you now.

  10. 5 miles???
    I bet you could ride in the dress.

    Remember that most of the people who "run" the wharf to wharf, walk it or shoot up while walking it. You'll probably win it!

  11. Yea! Five miles down!

    I ride my bike in a running skirt all the time. Just wear compression shorts under it.

  12. Love your bike progress pics :)

    SO SO awesome on your five miler! Wooo hoooo, only three more miles until 8! :)

  13. LMAO @ POD - Gotta love all the characters in Santa Cruz. Hey maybe we could do it together next year ;-)

  14. Even if you didn't ride in that dress, it is one HOT dress! and you look HOT in it.
    Sometimes my Garmin poops out on me, it says "are you indoors" when it can't find a satellite. He is a little sensitive, I might add.
    Go for you, Ms. 5 miler! Love the stick.

  15. Awesome progression photos.
    So, are you going to California just for the race? If so, you are definately "hard core" rock!

  16. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you look like a GIRL compared to that older woman in the picture last year. 110 pounds and years off your appearance. And, I have to think years added to your life.

    Wow, wow, wow! The dress is very cute.

  17. You ran 5 miles? My boobs hurt just thinking about it.

    Your updated picture just blows me away. Seriously, you look downright sexy with that smile!

  18. I love the bike! It kind of reminds me of my first bike I had as a kid. It was pink with a pink and white banana seat!

  19. You look really good in the dress! Well, you're right that there is not as stark a difference compared to last year but you have to agree: there IS a difference. Plus, the important thing is you kept it off and lost more.

    This is one inspiring story!! :)

  20. love you.
    love your bike.
    working on gitting you to vegas.


  21. Awesome pictures! I see a big differnce between 09 and 2010!

    Love the dress picture.

    Great workouts as usual and yay on the 5 mile run!

  22. You are really shrinking in front of that bike!

  23. Hey, stranger. I have a small break so I wanted to play catch up. :)

    YEAH!! 5 miles and the bib! I'm so so so happy for you. That's a great accomplishment. You're going to do fantastic in the Wharf-to-Wharf plus you're going to have so much fun.

    I love that bike. Really do. And I see a HUGE difference. You're the incredible shrinking woman. :)


  24. Way to rock out those workouts Shelley! I bet its nice (hard) having Brad back in the gym!

    Your bike is still so cute - love it and you look amazing!!

  25. I haven't been around in a while and I have to say




  26. I think you (and your bike) look great!

    I can't wait to hear all about your 10K. YOu are awesome!

    My own Ricky Bobby is coming in the mail today. I am so excited!

  27. Oh Shelley, I can TOTALLY tell a difference in the photos!

    And you are a ROCK STAR for running 5 miles - that is super stellar cool!!

  28. OMG I love those bike poses!!! So inspirational.

    You know, if you wore a top that clumped less at the waist I bet you would see a BIG difference between 77 and 110 pounds lost. There's too much fabric there that you are hiding behind!

  29. Great new bike photos! You must be so proud of your efforts! Way to be an inspiration to all 'forty-somethings' and beyond!!

  30. Wowzer! You're rockin' the bike pics, girl!!!

    CA 10K July 25th? Again, behind on reading, so I'm seeing this for first time. My apologies (bows head in shame). Shelley! That's super cool AND a very good thing you ran 5 miles. Girl, get that foundation in there. I tanked on my first 10K last October (and posted about the HORRIBLE experience) b/c I was NOT prepared. Had only run 4 miles prior and thought, "No big deal." HA! Paid the price.

    That's cool that you can set Ricky Bobby for intervals. That's the Galloway method and I'm LOVING it. Got my baby sister to her first PR this weekend using intervals. Good stuff. :)

    As for water bottles and carbs for fuel, um in Texas?? YES! YES! YES! In CA, too... are you ready for hills???

    When you are coming to CENTRAL FLORIDA to run (insert whining and grinning here)...???

    HUGS, friend!

  31. Oops... grammar check:

    That's "When are you ..."


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