Friday, January 22, 2010

Book Winner Plus Friday Randomness

First things first. The winner of Core Performance Women is:

Congratulations!! Email me your address ( and I'll forward it onto the publisher who will send you your book - enjoy!


If you read my last post, you know that I had a pretty tough week with my workouts. Some weeks are harder than others, and this one was a doozy! As I lay in bed Wednesday night, in pain, wondering why oh why do I PAY GOOD MONEY to beat my body to a pulp, I decided I'd better stretch so I could walk the next day. Being supremely lazy wanting to conserve my energy, I decided to continue lying down, so I did a hamstring stretch with my legs at a 90 degree angle up toward the ceiling. My jammie pants slid up to reveal that my knees were all bruised up as a result of the crazy things we did this week and I felt very sorry for myself! So of course I had to get my camera and document the evidence - yes I know I choose to do these workouts, but dang, they are hard on this poor old bod!
Supreme ouchiness!


Did you know that March 7, 2010 is Blogger 5K Day? No? Well, maybe that's because I just declared it to be so...I can do that, right? Anyway, Kelly from Happy Texans and I will be running a 5K here in my town, and Fran will be running one in Holland! It seems to be a popular day for 5K's - is anybody else running one? If you are, let me know - I love the idea of a bunch of us all running on the same day!


Last but not least, I have been given two awards! The Beautiful Blogger comes from What a Splurge - thank you!
This award dictates that I tell you seven things about me that you might not know, so here goes:
  1. I'm left-handed and so is my husband; our kids are not, no matter how many times I put rattles in their left hands when they were babies;
  2. I was a journalism major in college but did not complete my schooling;
  3. I still don't regret that decision;
  4. I never needed braces as a kid but always wanted them;
  5. I started babysitting at eight and always have had a thing for babies;
  6. My favorite job was working at a photography studio where I got to hold lots of cute babies;
  7. My dream job would be to own a bookstore just so I could read all the new books as soon as they came out.
The next award comes from Katie J - thank you!

For this one, I'm supposed to list ten things that make me happy.
  1. The way my dog greets me with unbridled enthusiasm every time I walk in the door;
  2. My bike - she's a beauty and such a sweet ride;
  3. Shopping for clothes now;
  4. Chocolate;
  5. Babies;
  6. The internet - being able to instantly connect with friends everywhere is fantastic;
  7. My library card;
  8. Fiestaware - I love the bright colors;
  9. My cell phone with unlimited minutes;
  10. My family.
Have a great weekend - come back Monday for one last giveaway - another book!


  1. Shelly,
    Hope your bruises fad away soon and in the meantime keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your lists' Isn't it funny how people are alike in their taste? I too love lots of the things you mention.

  2. Ouchy is right! You take a licking and keep on ticking!

    I do love Fiestaware too. I've got a few vintage piece and they make me happy to look at them.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. "DANG!" was exactly what I thought when I saw your picture - lol! Hope you heal up soon.

  4. poor baby! poor knees! :(

    Nope, not running. Not me. Never. LOL

  5. I have to be honest: my run on March 7 is a 4K :) There wasn't a 5K in the specific run but no matter: we'll be running "together" that day.

    Wow you really tortured your knees last week.

    Tomorrow I'm going to mail the sportsbra to you. I found one and hope it fits.

    Have a nice weekend xxx

  6. Owie, owie!!! What made the bruises, anyway (must know what exercise to avoid....)

    I'll more likely than not be running on March 7th, LOL. I'm in.

  7. I knew I liked your blog! I'm left handed and married a right but did get three lefty's but four righty's (yeah, I love children too.) I did finish my journalism degree but haven't used it much. (hence the blogging.) And I wish my bike was pink but I need major gears because I live in a subdivision called Smoky Hill- lots of hills. Looks like it will be 5k day in Centennial, Colorado too.

  8. Hi Shelley...Love your awards and the little things you had to list along with knowing the little things..that's what really makes a person tick. Can't wait, and hope to someday get some of my own!
    Also...oooo, so sorry about your bruises...hope they get better..

    Second Journey

  9. Yay! Thanks Shelly!!!

    Your poor knees. But look at the pay-off. Your legs are shaply.

  10. Poor knees! If it helps at all, our pediatrician once told us that they LOVE to see little kids with bruises on their knees and shins because it means they're active and not just sitting in the house.

    Odd that your kids aren't lefties; it's an inherited trait. And I, too, LOVE my library card!

  11. Great bike pics! Your knees remind me of a song called anthem that teeny bopper girl rock group called superchick... its corny but one of my workout songs :)

  12. I am left handed too & I would love to have left handed kids!

    I am not planning on running a 5k on March 7th, since I lived in the frozen tundra of new hampshire, but I do run a treadmill 5k once a month, so I could run one that day! :)

  13. Ouch!! Those look not so pretty! Hope you heal soon!

    I don't have a 5K scheduled for March 6th, but I do have one for March 13th...I'll see if I can find one so we can have a "virtual" 5K that day! :)

  14. Ouch! Sorry for your bruises, but you kicked ass this week!

    You should be so proud of yourself!

  15. Ouchie! Hope they heal up soon.

    I'm with Lori on finding out which exercise made the bruises/which one to avoid!

  16. Shelley, you sure are a workout warrior!! But it's SO worth it, isn't it?! Take care of yourself.

  17. I think you will love running with music! I can't do it without it.
    I even "learned" running through a podcast on my ipod.

    Have fun on your music run tomorrow!

  18. Sorry about the bruises, but I love your lists! :)

  19. ok you MUST print that pic and frame it :)

    You are officially OFFICIALLY HARD CORE.


  20. I'm jealous of your bike! I love it and if I was going to get a bike I would want the exact same one. I am too clumsy for a bike and although I do know how to ride one, I'm not good at it!


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