Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Workout Update

...but first, a word from our sponsor - me! I just wanted to thank you all so much for the comments on my last post. It's been great to share my milestone with so many people. Several of you wrote about me on your blog and that touched me like you wouldn't believe - I am so grateful for the support that y'all give just can't imagine.

To answer a few commenters:
  1. I agree, my glasses are now too big for my face and I will be making an eye appointment in the next couple of months to rectify the situation. Plus, it's past time for bifocals, if ya know what I mean!
  2. My husband, Jeff, is pretty thrilled with my weight loss, although he thinks my boobs have disappeared. Due to the fact that I still have to wear two bras while working out, I tend to disagree with him.
  3. My kids haven't seen me in person since July, so I think they will be pleasantly surprised when they come home for Thanksgiving next least for the first hour - then it will be all about the home cooking!
  4. Camevil, where are the balloons and male strippers?
  5. Fran, I did get myself a gift - stay tuned for Friday's post to see what it is!
And now, we resume our regularly scheduled post:

This Wednesday Workout Update should be subtitled "Why in the Heck Am I Still So Sore?!?" Seriously, I do not understand how I can go for weeks with only minor soreness - you know, the kind that lets you know you worked out, but are not practically crippled when it comes to everyday tasks like standing up or sitting down. Major ouchies again this week! However, I do have some positives to report - I've been running on the treadmill every workout - not as much as I did when Linda was training me, but today I did half a mile with no trouble, so that should be telling me to step it up a notch and get back up to running a mile. Which I haven't done since before Maui...mostly because Linda hasn't been there to spur me on.

On the extremely sore muscles issue, I whined complained spoke to Brad this morning about it, and he said to push the water on my workout days (thought I was but I guess I will try to get more in), eat more protein (yes, this was probably too low) and um, what was that last one...oh yeah, stretch, stretch and stretch (don't know WHY this is such an issue with me - oh right, it's because I'm a baby!). Anyway, I stretched 30 minutes into the workout, and again when I was done. And I felt pretty good, although I'm starting to feel sore again as I type this post...dare I go for a third set of stretches today? Answer: yes!

The other thing I've been dealing with is a bit of knee pain - both of 'em. Really? Now?!? After I've lost so much weight? Don't know what's up with that, but I talked with the Monday cardio trainer, Andreas, about getting some glucosamine, and he recommended fish oil instead for the joints. Then Brad seconded that opinion, and the guy at GNC thirded it - so I have finally started taking the fish oil caplets that I wrote about in the memorable-for-an-earworm post, Fish Heads. I meant to get these earlier, but instead elected to spend that money on coconut gelato in Maui. Oh well, better late than never, right? So we'll see if the knee pain goes away.

Last, guess who I had lunch with today? The one, the only, the much-missed LINDA!!!
Things are finally settling down with regard to her mother - she recovered from her surgery and started chemo this week. Linda was even able to go back to her own workout yesterday, but she was actually moving worse than me, poor thing! I know how she feels! Anyway, it was SO GREAT to see her and catch up - I've been having can't go from seeing someone three times a week for eight months to nothing! Hopefully she will be able to come back to training my group soon - with her encouragement, I feel like I am capable of doing so much and I need that! Plus she is just so much fun to be around - truly a positive person who brightens up my day!


  1. At first when you mentioned being sore I thought maybe you weren't stretching enough, but then you got to the part about stretching. It sounds like you do an intense workout. If you are pushing yourself, soreness isn't out of the question.

    You also mentioned knee pain. I have been working with a trainer to help with my knee pain. He suggests that you do a lot of core training to stabilize the body as well as to train the legs. (I am a massage therapist and saw a lot of people with knee pain who didn't work out. You are way ahead of the game!)

  2. I'm so horrible at stretching. I used to be so limber, then I dunno...I just wasn't anymore. I started taking fish oil pills and my knees no longer creak, nor do I experience the low level pain I was starting to have. So, for me, fish oil has really worked well.

  3. You look just great.

    A reminder to me: I've been slacking off on the fish oil.

  4. Soreness happens to me when I switch my workout routine, or do a ton of reps of certain types (like squats or lunges). Those make me sore for a few days.

    I think you are doing so awesome!

  5. I'm curious to see what prize you got!!

    Also, for my Diet Cherry Limeades, I squeeze half a lime into some Sprite Zero and add a bit of juice from the marashino cherry jar and a couple of cherries. YUMMMMM.

  6. You look so fantastic in the photo!
    Glad you were able to visit Linda.

    I have taken fish oil for a few years, and I'm eating a lot more protein than I ever have, and I stretch a lot--and I still get sore. I hope that the fish oil helps you out. Maybe I should up mine.

    Shelley, you just make me smile. =)

  7. You still look fabulous regardless of the glasses. Get something really wacky. They can be so much fun.

    Knee pain. Post chemo and all that b.s. I went through, my left knee started to hurt. I had xrays because I felt like David bringing down Goliath. How could all this crap happen and then the knee!?! (and thankfully it was (so far) only one knee. It turned out to be arthritis - (old woman!) which they said was normal aging. I quit condemning myself, iced a bunch and I'm fine workout wise. If the knee tweeks at all, I ice it and go on.I also take fish oil and joint stuff and bone stuff. But I took those before the pain.
    Kind of funny how what seems like such a small thing can bring down a bigger thing like our bodies.

  8. Yeah, I have a touch of arthritis in both knees, too. I long to move to a one-story house. LOL That's why I won't take up running, and just do the simpler, easier-on-the-knees dancing.

    Glad Linda is back for you!

  9. I still get sore occasionally too but have never been able to figure out why. I'll have to try to pay attention to my water intake to see if that has anything to do with it. I'll be interested to hear about the fish oil as I have been taking glucosamine/chondroitin for around 3 years faithfully. It does help but it also can elevate blood pressure.

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  11. Awesome workout!!
    And yippee for new glasses!

  12. I really wish I could afford a gym. I need some motivation lately.

    I am excited to see the looks on your kids face. Be sure to take pics!

  13. Fish oil for the knees? Thanks for the heads up. I had been taking glucosamine, which helped a little but I couldn't tell if it was because of placebo effect or doing different exercises.

    I don't remember seeing a pic of Linda before, but that one of you two together? Gooooore-jus!

    You made the right choice with the coconut gelato. It's coconut gelato, for crying out loud.

    Will work on the strippers and balloons. In the meantime, I suggest seeing the new Twilight movie for some eye candy.

  14. Ha! I had to laugh out loud at the boob shrinkage!

    Your kids will be thrilled when they see you!!!!!!!

  15. I had to get new glasses after I lost weight too! My old ones (which I didn't wear much) kept falling right off my face!!

    Take care of that knee - knee injuries are no fun!!

  16. I'm so curious what you gave yourself as a gift, will be back tomorrow to check it out!

    I'm a lazy person too when it comes to stretching although I'm paying more attention to it since I've had soreness a few times after I went to the gym and it goes better now.

    Hope the fish oil capsules helps your knee.

  17. So sorry that these pains are being such a pain! The positive thing is that you're not letting them sideline you and are continuing to keep going when it is just so easy to sit down and quit. Keep it up!


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