Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Workout Update

Whew! I made it through another week of workouts and boy howdy am I happy that Thursday is my rest day...I am really feeling everything we did this week! From the 10 pound dumbbell thrusters (squat, then stand up and thrust the dumbbells above your head) to the 75 burpees (my nemesis - I keep telling Brad that at age 46 I have no need for algebra or burpees ever again in my life, but he won't listen) - yes, thrusters and burpees in the same workout! And then we went to the cardio room, where some rowing and boxing occurred (is it called boxing if you're just hitting a bag? - any case, I love it) and then Linda had me sprint on the treadmill for the last 30 seconds of the workout...I was beat, but I did it! So that was Monday.

Tuesday brought more crazy gym workouts - dips, squats, crunches, curls and a crazy ab exercise that had me with my upper arms in slings, hanging from a bar, holding a dumbbell between my thighs and lifting my knees - I call this one the ab-and-a-half workout. It looked fairly simple, but I really broke a sweat doing it! Then of course more cardio, which included the stepper (ugh) and squats - all I can say is that I am expecting to turn around in the mirror one of these days and see an awesome booty staring back at me!

On Wednesday in the gym I did one-leg deadlifts with the barbell and a ton of upper arm and back exercises to work on my Lovely Linda arms. Then off to cardio for a team workout - between the two of us, my partner and I had to do 500 squats, with one person doing a 2 minute wall sit while the other did the squats. Well, unfortunately for me, my partner had misunderstood how many sets she was supposed to do in the gym and had pretty much killed her legs, so I ended up doing more of the squats. I'm telling ya, I did not know that this week was official squat week, but apparently it was!

For last week's challenge, I chose to try a new vegetable - acorn squash. Most of the recipes I found on the web called for baking it with butter and brown sugar, which I think would make just about anything taste good! I opted for brushing the two sides with olive oil and sprinkling them with salt, pepper and an herbed seasoning mix that I've had for a while. I baked them cut side down, with a little water in the baking dish. When they were done, I sprinkled a little Parmesan cheese and some pecans on them, then baked the squash upright for a few more minutes. The verdict? It was ok. It was a lot of work getting the darn thing open, and I was worried that I would slip with the knife and injure myself. So I probably won't choose to cook one again, although if I was served it, I'd eat it.
It looks like a heart - how cute!

Dinner - grilled chicken tenders, 1/4 of the acorn squash, 1/2 of a small avocado (with plenty of salt and pepper!)

A couple of days later, I used the other half of the squash to make Biz's Acorn Squash Soup - it was really easy to put together, and I actually think I liked the squash better this way.
Notice how the soup color matches the yellow plate - yes I am the weirdo who gets a kick out of things like that!

The Week 4 Challenges have been posted: double your intake of Vitamin C (the flu has hit our area already); swap out a "bad" food item for a healthier one for your kids (like switching from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Cinnamon Life cereal, for example); keep a food journal for a week; and run four quarter miles for time (run 1/4 mile, rest for a few minutes, then run the next one, etc.). I will definitely do the food journal, as I haven't been keeping mine for the last few months - I've been losing, so I know I'm eating right, but it will be interesting to see where I am, calorie-wise. I may do the run - just have to figure out where and also need to get a timer or a sports watch. Oh, and get the nerve up to do it, haha!


  1. how did yoi know about the challange board? I wrote them after you left!

  2. I love the fall/winter squashes...looking forward to making them soon! And they are fantastic in soup!

  3. you are just a work out FREEK, girl! You tire me out just reading what you do/accomplish! MAJOR KUDOS!!!

  4. Burpees? OMG - I hate those things and I bow to your prowess.

  5. The squash looks yummy! The soup too!

  6. Ok, what's burpees?? I have no clue lol. The food looks great. I've been keeping a journal for a while now, so I'm on track with that part of your challenge. I'll run the 1/2 mile in the morning. Not sure what cereal the kids have, I'll get back to you on that;)


  7. Love the Fiestaware!

    I aspire to be like you Shelley! You are a workout machine!

  8. Shelley: wauw! What a great workouts you did! You so deserve your resting day today: enjoy it after all the hard work you've did!

  9. may I say DANNNNG?
    You are such an inspiration, Shelley.

    Kicking life's ass and taking names!!

  10. I used to not enjoy squash, and although it's not my favorite, I do like it okay now.

    Great job on the soup matching the plate. I like it!

  11. I hate burpees more than anything! 500 squats? Wow!!!

    Glad you liked my soup - I realized after reading your post I never really tasted the acorn squash by itself - I'll have to give your version a try.

    Happy Thursday! :D

  12. You are a badass with those workouts!! That is a *lot* of squats!

    I like acorn squash, but you really need a good cleaver to cut open those kind of veggies. It's much easier (and safer) that way.

  13. I am so impressed that you work with those trainers...I am too self conscious to do that yet. Maybe one day!

    I am now on the prowl for those flatouts!

  14. 75 burpees and 500 squats? That just floors me.


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