Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Post Has No Title

A couple of updates...

First, I went shopping for new pants - and found that I was in uncharted territory! The last pair of pants I wore before summer hit was a pair of size 14 Lane Bryant jeans. They stopped fitting me around May, I think (it's been so long since I've needed to wear long pants that I can't remember). I spent the summer in capris and bermudas - easy for a short person to buy, as you don't have to deal with hemming them.

But long pants are a whole nother story! I must have tried on close to 30 pairs was crazy! I concentrated mostly on jeans, and pulled 10's and 12's from the petite section - did you know that some brands of petite pants come in "short" AND "average" lengths? This was news to me! Some jeans fit me in the size 10 and others in the size 12. Well, you know what size I wanted to buy, right?!? I know, it's not about the size, or the number on the scale, but darn it, I haven't worn a size 10 in probably 20 years, so you can see why I am a little fixated on it, lol!

I ended up loving a pair of Lee trouser jeans - but as the 12's were a little big, I decided to buy the 10's...only to discover that there was not a pair of this pant in size 10 in any color at the store today! Dang it, someone got to them before me! I found out I can order them from the Lee website and not pay any shipping, which is cool. So I'll buy them and of course have to get them hemmed - I want to wear them with my 2" heeled ankle boots, and the petite length is too short. Oh, to be just a couple inches taller!

Of course, while this will set me for work, I still need a pair of casual jeans. But that will have to wait for another day, when I can face the dressing room and a kajillion pairs again!

I did go to a thrift store today, and while they didn't have a big selection of jeans, I did find a cute navy blue Banana Republic (my first BR piece - woohoo!) fitted 3/4 sleeved jacket that will be perfect for three out of our four seasons. It's a little tight in the arms right now, but I think it will fit me perfectly pretty soon. And for $6, I couldn't pass it up! The size?'s a 10. (cue the laughing now!)

I completed Brad's first week challenge. Tuesday he listed the second week challenge choices:
  • Drink 80 oz. of water each day (I already drink more than a gallon a day);
  • No alcohol (I don't drink and tried to sign up for this one but he wouldn't let me, haha);
  • Eat fish or take fish oil supplements three times this week (I hate seafood, and the one time I tried a fish oil capsule - about 5 years ago - I burped fish smell all was the longest damn day of my life); or
  • Run either one mile, a 5K or a 10K (depending on where you are in your fitness abilities). So that's the one I chose. Now to just do it!
Oh, and I had a cool NSV this morning at workout...I haven't worn my very cute purple (favorite color!) BCS Fitness shirt that I bought last February since June, when I switched to wicking workout shirts due to the extreme heat. It's cooled down in the mornings, so I wore finally wore it last week, and got a lot of comments along the line of "wow, your shirt is really big on you" - so this morning I took a couple of smaller sizes into the bathroom to try on - came out feeling like Miss America in my new size medium shirt - woohoo! From an XL to a M in eight months!!!


  1. Post title should've been:


    coz you are! :D

  2. Size 10 great!

    The biggest thing I can not wait to do is to shop for non-plus sized clothing.

  3. I couldn't be happier for you, unless of course it was happening to

    Size 10 is going to be by perfect size.

    Keep inspiring me. Your post about running the mile still makes me cry..yes I am a boob.

  4. Amen to that Mary Beth. I'm right there with ya.

  5. Congrats on hitting the 10's ! You must be so proud of yourself :)

  6. Ahh, the joys of being short - so annoying having to hem them before being able to wear them, eh?

    I too am verklempt for you wearing size 10s! Woo-hoo!

  7. Isn't being a shorty fun! I have a 28" inseam!

    I am SO HAPPY for you Miss Shelley. I don't think I have ever worn a size 10 as an adult.

    You give me hope and inspiration that this can be done.

  8. Welcome to the land of mediums and size 10s! You are blazing through, girl! Do you have an AJ Wright by you? I can't remember if you said you do or not. That or the clearance racks at TJ Maxxx/Marshalls are great places for test try-ons and transition clothes.

    So excited for you! Goodbye Lane Bryant. You've been good to us, but it's time to move on.

    Looking forward to your report on the 2nd week challenge.

  9. Oh man, those jeans are hot! Congratulations....

  10. That is GREAT reporting!!! I am still XL'ing it, can't wait to get right of that last X!!!

  11. You had to try on 30 pair? Girl I would have gone insane. I hate shopping. I know it's not usual for a woman :) I buy most of my clothes online. Unfortunately now I'm losing weight I do have to go shopping because I probably will need a smaller size soon.

    I would like to have a "Brad" too. It would be nice that someone gave me challenges each week.

  12. That is just so awesome - from the new pants to the old smaller sized shirt!! You are just doing fabulous!


  13. Awesome! How wonderful! You are such an inspiration. Congrats on the smaller sizes.

  14. Size 10?!! That's great news and well deserved. I think the last time I was in size 10 Jimmy Carter was in office. Oh, the humanity!

  15. You are so great... I want to be just like you (especially the size 10 thing) :-)

  16. Inspirational as always. How nice to move into small(er) sizes.

  17. A medium and size 10s? I envy you! Congrats!

    When I just bought new pants, I had to buy petites. I've never bought a petite in my life. I could not believe how long pants are now. Weird, huh?

    Fish oil: I burp with store-bought brands, too. Try this: RxOmega-3 Factors Pharmaceutical GTrade EPA 400mg/DHA 200mg Dr. Michael Murray Recommended. I've been taking these for a few years, and I bought them and a quality store in Denver. (They cut my triglycerides in half!) Now I order them online. I remember at first I had just a couple mild burps, but I don't have the fish burps anymore. It went away quickly. If I were to buy fish oil at a local store, like I used to, I would burp all day long and it was so gross.

    The RxOmega-3 Fish Oil is clean, no artificial stuf or sweeteners and they're mercury free. There's another brand that is really good, I think it's Nordic Naturals. That's what my son took when he was younger. They make an adult formula as well.

  18. You're doing just awesome proud of those size 10's!!

    And getting down to a medium shirt from an XL in 8 short months is quite the accomplishment! I'm so glad I get to follow your inspire me to no end. :)

  19. Way to rock!! I am 5'2" tall, so I love the petite short - Ann Taylor and J. Jill carry those - and while they are expensive stores, they have great sales racks, you just have to visit them often.

    AWESOME thrift store find too! :D

  20. You are doing AWESOME and I bet you'll be in those sz.10s before the cool, crisp fall weather hits!! Keep on doing the awesome job you're doing! Awesome find at the thrift shop too!! :)

    I have the opposite problem, always have to try to find long inseams.. lol! I know though.. wah! ;) LOL!

  21. You are very inspiring! I had no idea that some pants came in "short" and "average" lengths. I'm thinking that information will help me get pants for one of my daughters!

  22. P. S. I will be announcing a contest on my "Losing My Body Fat" blog tomorrow. I hope to see you there!

  23. Hi Shelley,

    I found your blog by way of Fran's.

    Great post! Isn't it fun shopping for smaller sizes?

    Re: the fish oil - my Hubby swears by the 'no burp' version - says it's 100% tolerable.

    As for the run - which did you choose?

    As an over-40 turtle runner, I can certainly relate to THAT choice! :)

    Keep up the good work,

  24. WOW WOW WOW . . . congrats on the size 10, that is just awesome . . . and the trouser jeans look like a really cute style! It's amazing what a difference well-fitting clothes can make in one's self-image - enjoy the great new clothes on your great new bod :)


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