Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This and That...

So last night as I was lying in bed watching Dancing with the Stars (DVR'd, of course...too many commercials otherwise), I realized that I wasn't very sore from my workout that morning. And I started going over in my head what we had done - yes, there were some new things (kettlebell swings, box jumps, bouncy chin-ups), and I had worked up a red-faced sweat during cardio, but hmmm, maybe I was getting used to this? And might need to step it up a notch? But really, I don't see how I could do that as I just about died while trying to get through some of the sets. Anyway, I went to sleep feeling kind of uneasy about what I got out of the workout.

Apparently I had a delayed onset of muscle soreness...because this morning my arms hurt before I got out of bed! Yes, TODAY I am feeling the kettlebell swings big time! Does anyone else worry that if they are not appropriately sore, they didn't get enough out of their workout? Or am I just trying to compare how it was when I started and absolutely everything hurt to now, when I have built up a little bit of muscle?

In related news...someone asked me in a comment last week if I could do a chin-up. I commented back that I didn't know as we had not done them yet. Well, I found out yesterday that NO, I cannot do a chin-up - even if I started off bouncing off a tire! I guess that's good to know and now I have a goal - to do one (1) chin-up.

I did my one minute 30 second plank hold three times last night, and while I was down on the floor threw in 10 push ups for good measure. Interesting observations about doing plank holds at home vs. the gym:
  1. Harder to keep going because I had to time myself; at the gym, I don't know how long I've been holding until there's maybe 10 - 15 seconds left and I start shaking like crazy and that's when Brad or Linda tell me what I've got left.
  2. I did it in front of the closet door mirrors so I could check my form, which was helpful.
  3. My cat Henry was very curious about the whole thing and kept checking me out up close - at one point I thought he was going to crawl under me!
  4. Even with the cat for entertainment, exercising at the gym is still more fun than at home.

There are two blogs you should definitely check out today: Chunky Monkey Mama's post about what happened to her while doing Jillian's Shred is so funny (but do not eat or drink anything while you are reading it or you will need to clean your monitor!); and Happy Texans is giving away Carb Check bagels - go here to check it out!


  1. I have definitely had the delayed soreness before! I think you should feel every workout but some more than others. I wear my heart rate monitor to compare calories burned for different things I do. It's very interesting!

  2. Sounds like you are getting some real good workout in... good for you.

    And,I barely watch any TV unless it's DVR'd, I guess I've gotten too spoiled.

  3. Wow - 30 seconds doing the plank is awesome! And yes, I think it is harder at home than having a trainer over your head.

    Too funny about your cat, because my dog does the same thing - as soon as I roll out the mat, he comes wondering over, and either sits down on the mat, or while I am doing pushups sniffs my face!

    I always feel sore the NEXT day. :D

  4. I can do a 90 second plank, but have never been able to do a chin-up once in my entire life.

  5. While reading your post Shelley, I was thinking she must have started working out years ago with that routine. Then I scrolled down your page to see if there were any hints. WOW!! You started less than a year ago!?!!? that's an amazing transformaton!! Are you already at your goal? If not, you can't be too far from it!

  6. Thanks for the shout-out, Shelley. It's good to share some laughs along the way.

    Go get 'em!! - your persistence and dedication are inspiring. I have got to look up these planks hold thingies. They sound pretty gruesome.

  7. Tina - I don't own a HR monitor - heck, I've never checked my pulse while exercising! I should probably look into this...

    Big Girl - The person who invented the DVR is my hero! Now I can still live my life and watch my shows when it's convenient for me!

    Biz - Glad it's not just me re the home vs. gym intensity of workout! And funny how our pets want to know what we are doing!

    ffbb - I aspire to a 90 second plank! Thanks for spilling about your lack of chin-ups - makes me feel not alone!

    Patty - Thank you! Sadly, I still have quite a ways to goal (although I still don't have a specific number in mind).

    Gigi - You crack me up! I get an ab workout just reading your posts, I laugh so hard! Look up the planks...and then try one - but don't forget to write about it!

  8. I find chin ups HAARD no matter how strong I try and get.

    love them as a goal and motivator though----so GI JANE!

    (did you ever see that movie?)


  9. I often get sore the SECOND day after a tough workout too!

    But realistically, I don't aim for muscle soreness after every workout. Depends how ambitious you are, but that goal may be hard to maintain over the years.

  10. Gotta love that delayed muscle soreness. It is always a great feeling when you can barely get out of bed, wash your hair, and walk down the steps without wincing. lol


  11. I have it on my goal list to complete 12 unassisted overhand pullups. I've been working on it since about December, and right now I can manage 4-5. Very hard.

  12. Miz - Never saw GI Jane, but dayum! those chin ups are hard!

    Crabby - I agree about maintaining that level, but I was surprised to not be so sore this early on (9 weeks in). Thanks again for your kind words in your post!!!

    Kristi - Not to mention sitting on the toilet!

    Live Fit - Interesting...at your pace you will probably make you goal - good luck!

  13. I've done those planks before at a Y class and it is not easy!!

    If I do it at home, my daughter tries to climb on my back! I don't need another 50 pounds on me!! Too funny!

    I've been doing my elliptical at home and my arms have been so sore, it hurts to raise my arms and wash my hair in the shower! So I figure it must be doing something!

    Great job on the exercising!!


  14. I've never been able to do a chin-up . . . it is a goal of mine, though! I have a copy of The New Rules of Lifting for Women, and it recommends bodyweight exercises very highly.


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