Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meet My Peeps!

No, not the Easter workout peeps!

First off, this here is Brad. He owns the joint. He does the strength training. See that smile? He's always smiling. Even when he's telling you to do something horrible like 50 Indo Board pushups in two minutes, he's just smiling away. It's hard to hate the guy when he has such a nice smile. I think that's part of his strategy - he's so upbeat, you just have to keep going. Next he'll have us whitewashing his picket fence!

Disclaimer: Brad doesn't really have a picket fence. But he is considering putting in a swimming pool and I would not be surprised if he has us all digging the hole one of these days...and we will, happily!

This is Linda. Isn't she cute?! I just love her, so much so that I let her drive me into a puddle of sweat on Mondays and Tuesdays in the cardio room. Plus she tells fun stories about her kids and horse to distract us from the time not moving fast enough during our workouts. But beware - if she feels like she overate on the weekend, we all are gonna pay with an even higher intensity workout!

Disclaimer: Linda cannot possibly overeat. Look at her picture! She has a waist that rivals Scarlett O'Hara!

And here's Will. Doesn't he look sweet? But look deeper into his eyes...those are the eyes that get this evil squint when he's thinking of ways to torture us on Wednesdays in the cardio room.

Disclaimer: Will is not really evil. He's a nice young man. But he needs to remove the word "burpee" from his vocabulary.

It's been eight weeks since I started working out with my peeps. I have seen great results in the form of fitting into smaller clothes, 12 pounds lost and, oh yeah, strength, endurance and nice muscle tone. It's crazy how much I like doing this! Even on my worst days (suspended chain push ups, anyone?) when I'm struggling to get through a set, the encouragement I get from Brad, Linda and Will helps me so much. And I'm always glad I did the workout - it's kind of like forget the worst of the pain and enjoy the reward. Only in this case, I don't have to change any diapers ::grin::


  1. Shelley, Thanks for introducing us to your peeps. Can you do chin ups yet? I want to be able to do chin ups someday. How long did you exercise on your own without a trainer? What made you finally decide it was now to lose weight. I am 46 and wondering when I am going to decide. It's crazy how many years you can be unhappy about something and not change it.

  2. You are so lucky you have these people to support you! I feel like having a trainer is the only way I push myself enough and it's so true how they distract you and make it fun. I'm so happy this is working so well for you that you like it too!

  3. omg - i'm so not ready for peeps and training. maybe i can just keep on trying to keep up with kid and dog and puppy and hubby and housework and yardwork and gardening? Vee at

  4. burpee is a swear word in my mind. Totally should be BANNED from every being used again :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your entourage!

    That's wonderful that you actually look forward to the hard work, but now you know that hard work pays off!

    Good job!!!

  6. Keri: I've never tried a chin up! The last sentence in your comment makes me sad.

    Tina: I know, and I agree! Trainers are the way to go, at least for me now.

    Vee: Yes! I was not ready for something like this when I first started losing weight, either.

    Jen: We should start a "ban the burpees" movement!

    Biz: I like "entourage" - I may have to start calling them that!

  7. They look like they're amazing group of people! It's great to see faces with the trainers that you have been writing about.

  8. **waves like a madwoman to the peeps**
    thanks for showing us your support team!

  9. Id like to marry Will.

    But yes, "burpee" will have to go.


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