Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Question Answered...

Instead of leaving a loooong reply to a comment, I thought I'd just make a post out of it. FYI, if anyone has anything you'd like for me to go into further detail on regarding my diet/exercise/meaning of life (don't expect much on that one - I'm not a deep thinker!), leave me a comment or send me an email at 40somethingsjourney@gmail.com.

Daisee asks “So Shelley how did you begin to work out? What was your first step toward change? I need to make that first step and I am kind of afraid.”

As to these workouts, last August/September I started thinking about doing a women's "boot camp" type of workout that is really popular in my area. Problem was, it was held outdoors, while it was still so humid (which is most of the time here in South Texas), and it started at 5:30 a.m.!!! I knew that I would end up hitting snooze on my alarm too many times and eventually miss the class, so I didn't set myself up for failure. (OK, I'm lazy. And I’m not a morning person. But mostly lazy). However, I could see that I did need someone to be accountable to…because even though I’d been doing step aerobics on my Wii Fit, the disappointment, disapproval and yes, betrayal (Seriously. I swear my Wii Fit takes a “tone” with me!) it showed when I missed a day had stopped bothering me.

I had heard good things about the place that I’m now working out at – they did hour-long sessions, broken up into cardio and strength training. Very small groups and best of all, INDOORS! They were having a contest where someone would win a 12-week session, and I entered it. Long story short – I didn’t win, but they did offer me a discount if I wanted to do the next 12-week session, and I finally decided to go for it.

Now don’t get me wrong – I was nervous about the workouts, because I have never belonged to a gym, never been on a treadmill or other machines, and quite frankly, didn’t think I could keep up. But the trainers (Brad, Linda and Will) were really nice and eased me into everything, although it didn’t feel like it at the time. Let me just tell you, I was dying. It hurt every time I sat down, and every time I stood back up. Oy! But after four days, I felt ok. And although Brad is constantly switching up my strength workouts, I've never been that sore again.

Here's the kicker: I enjoy going to the workouts - the trainers are great and my "classmates" (for want of a better word) are fun and supportive. In four weeks, I've noticed a difference in the way my clothes are fitting and more importantly, how I feel. Which, btw, is GREAT! So my advice is to find something that you are pretty sure you can commit to, and jump in with both feet! Seriously, what have you got to lose...but inches, body fat and a negative body-image?


  1. I definitely think I work out harder in a group setting, or spin class.

    Although I did treat my Jillian workout at lunch like a last chance workout. I was all by myself, so didn't feel intimidated. Probably the hardest workout I've had in months!

    Great post! :D

  2. I work harder when hubby is in the room!


  4. I also work out better in a group setting. It's more of a peer pressure kind of thing, I don't want to be the only sitting on the floor when the routine is too hard. So, I keep at it even when I feel like I'm gonna start hurling...it hasn't happened, yet.

    I love your blog! I've read some of your posts and relate alot to it.

  5. Biz, did you keep yelling "last chance workout!" at yourself? I always crack up when they do that on the show!

    New Me: I work harder when my trainer is looking at me!

    Miz: Thanks, that means a lot coming from you!

    H.K.: Thanks for the compliment! What about crying (vs. hurling)? 'Cause that's about where I was today. For the record, chain push ups are the devil.

  6. Thank you so much for your reply Shelley!

  7. Great attitude!

    I've been working out on my own/at a public gym, but I just did a week trial membership at a private gym, and I'm thinking about joining and taking some classes just to mix things up.


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