Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A First For Me...

I feel like I've "made" it in the blog world...I have been asked to review something! How fun is this?!? I've been reading other blogger's product reviews for quite a while now, and have wondered if I would ever get that email - you know, the one offering to send you something for your opinion. Well, dumb me - I didn't have my email address listed in my profile. Once I listed it, I quickly began receiving offers for product reviews! So let the fun begin:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice!

How cute are these bottles?!?

I have to confess that I tried this juice a couple of months ago and LOVED it. Remember when I discovered pomegranates? Well, turns out I found them kind of late in their very short season, and before I was ready, they disappeared from the grocery stores! So I was happy to find POM Wonderful juice and incorporate it into my diet. I normally don't like to drink my calories, but I do make an exception for POM because of all the health benefits - specifically, antioxidants. POM also is great for cardiovascular and prostrate health, as well as other, um...functions. Go here to read more about that.

There are lots of fun POM recipes here, and I plan on making the POM & Balsamic-Glazed Chicken soon. Yum! So thanks, POM Wonderful Juice people, for your great juice AND for giving me something for my first-ever review!


  1. I tried POM the other month and wasn't that impressed - then I realized most people diluted it with something else and I felt like a dork. :) I think I'm going to give it another try, especially with that POM & Chicken recipe you linked to, that sounds amazing!!!

  2. Is the need to dilute why it's so expensive? I was going to get some at Trader Joe's but the cost prevented.

    Interesting review, though. :^)

  3. I think drinking it with morning vitamins would be an awesome way to get it in ;)

  4. It has a strong flavor, mostly because it's pure pomegranate juice and not a mixture of say, pom, apple and cranberry juices. I like it straight, but I think I would also like it as a spritzer, made with club soda and a squeeze of lime.

    You don't have to dilute it if you don't want to. And yes, it's kinda price-y, but a lot of the no-sugar added juices are.

  5. I read that the Afghanis are being encouraged to plant pomegranates instead of opium poppies... Guess it's a high dollar crop for them, but the downside is the local Taliban have shot up a few farmers from shifting away from opium poppies :(


  6. I don't mind drinking my calories as long as it's healty. I also read your suggestion in mixing it with a club soda.

    My son hates fruits, so I'll check this out and see if he can at least drink his fruit servings for the day.


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