Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad Things About Weight Loss, Part I

For one thing, I have never been so cold in my life. It started before Thanksgiving – if I am not moving around, I’m chilled. So reading or working on the computer – two things I enjoy – turn me into an icicle. Going to bed has not been fun – we have a memory foam mattress, which is wonderful for keeping you cool at night during those hot Spring, Summer and Fall months (just keeping it real – this is South Texas, y’all). However, it’s become an icebox for me this winter – I suspect the combination of continual cold weather, my trying to keep the thermostat set at 68 degrees overnight, and my weight loss are all working to make me freeze at night. Even though I’m down 60 pounds, I have a lot left to lose…which means that there is plenty (believe me) of fat still on my body to provide insulation. So I don’t understand why I’m so damn cold all the time. I have resorted to wearing wool socks, yoga pants, a nightshirt and a cotton pullover sweatshirt to bed (quite the look, I must say), and sleeping under (in this order) a sheet, coverlet, down comforter and a blanket folded in half so I have two layers. The old me would have become a hot, sweaty mess sleeping with all of this, but seriously, this is what it takes for me to not be miserably cold. And yes, I realize it’s ridiculous, considering how much colder it is in many parts of the country. I cannot wait for April.


  1. Hello! First of all I have lived in South Texas and just plain froze in the winter due to the wet cold (and I grew up in the mountains) so I totally feel your pain on that one. However you are presumably used to that wet thing so have you checked your iron level? Having lost a lot of weight (congrats by the way!) you may need to think of anemia. Just a thought. Sending you warm thoughts.

  2. Yup, I'm with Jenn - time for a trip to the doctor - have him check for iron and other vitamin deficiencies, as you've been dieting for quite a long time now. And no, the vitamin pill you are taking may not be doing the trick, as your body can not use most of the vitamins found in typical vitamin pills.
    Also, have him check for thyroid disfunction, as this is a symptom of that.
    Hie thee to the doctor, great lady!

  3. Jenn and Jill have great advise.

    I used to use a mattress warmer. It's sort of like an electric blanket only you put it under your top sheet. I would turn it on about a half hour before I went to bed and then turn it off when I crawled in. The bed was nice and toasty and my body heat kept it that way the rest of the night. My late hubby didn't allow any heat in our bedroom and there were mornings when the iced tea he always brought to bed with him was frozen solid the next morning. So I had to find creative ways to keep warm.

  4. Chiming in to suggest checking out the thyroid.
    My doctor once put me on a thyroid medication that completely messed up my metabolism. The first symptom was being extremely cold, wearing a jacket and shivering while people around me were in short sleeves.
    Congratulations on all the weight lost!

  5. We thought it was our job to warm up the bed!?! -Paco, Kip, Henry

  6. Hmmm, I never thought about an iron deficiency...or thyroid (please god, no) issues. I haven't been back to my doctor since last summer, and I guess I should make an appt. and get some blood work done. Thanks, ladies, for the great suggestions!

    Deborah, I love the mattress warmer idea. I'll have to check it out. And frozen iced tea? You, dear lady, deserve a medal for putting up with that kind of cold temperature!

    And as for my pets...Henry is the only one who sleeps with me, but he's too small to make much of a difference. And which one of you is getting on my computer while I'm at work?!?

  7. Shelley,
    Jeff's friend Mark here - I briefly met you in HR when your Grandmother passed. Congrats on your health journey. I have hypothyroidism and know that it can present many problems. I take a pill everyday - a blood test can reveal what's happening.

    I've made dietary changes since Jan 1 as well and just signed up with Team in Training to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - 10 years in remission this May.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Hey there Shelley~

    I have some happy news for you re: a talking scale. Please email me asap for info :)

    Lyn2007 (at) att (dot)net

  9. congrats winner :)!!!

    I have been very cold since losing weight too! I always layer up even in the house. It's a good think gas didn't jump up as predicted or we'd have one heck of a heating bill.

  10. I'm definitely with you on wanting April to hurry up and get here already! It's been quite a bit colder than normal in NY this January, and I am really, really sick of it!


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