Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a Quickie...

I made Taco Soup yesterday using the recipe Deborah from A Mountain of Weight to Lose had posted...and I have to say it was soooo good! In fact, my husband and sons loved it and really complimented me on it, and I don't think they were doing that just because I was in a bad mood yesterday! Any case, the entire pot is gone (yes, I have piranhas living with me at the moment) but I plan on making another one next week, and I'll freeze some individual portions for an easy, filling meal. Speaking of filling, that soup really held me - I was not hungry at all later in the evening, as I sometimes can be after a soup dinner.

I'm back at work (which is why this is just a quickie), and I'm glad I made my "no baked goods" resolution. This morning there is a plethora of muffins, fruit and cheese on the table behind my desk...and the sweet ladies who put it there have been urging the food on me. And there is an open house here on Saturday, which means more goodies. I may have to start using the "I'm allergic to wheat" excuse that one of my commenters left me!

I'm staying strong - I would like to be done with the "weight loss" part of this by my birthday, which is June 2 - and get on to the "maintenance" part. Maybe I'll start shouting "No More Baked Goods!" ala Joan Crawford's "No More Wire Hangers!" rant. Or maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut, both literally and figuratively. We'll see...


  1. I love the "I'm allergic to wheat" excuse, I may have to borrow that idea from you.

    Off to check out the recipe for the Taco Soup. I'm looking for something to make for dinner for a crowd tonight.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the soup. I can't take all the credit for it I got it from JC who got it from WW. But I did pass it on...

    You are doing so well staying away from those goodies. I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work. And tell those food pushers any ole think you need to to get them to leave you alone.

  3. I think the fake wheat allergy is a great idea. Sometimes I just say "oh, I wish I coooouuuuld...." in a really wistful voice, and keep repeating until they give up.

    Or heck, sometimes I just cave, but I'm always mad at myself if I didn't want it that bad in the first place.

    You could try alternating "no more baked goods!" with "no more wire hangers!"... that might really scare them into letting the issue go.

  4. It's always so darn hard to say no to the food pushers. The allergic thing works, but don't forget that the next time she sees you eating something with wheat in it. Then you'll be totally busted. You know what I do if someone makes something especially for me or makes a special trip to bring me a piece? I take it, graciously, and tell them I'll save it for after weigh in. Just have to remember to tell them how I enjoyed it. But if you don't want to eat it, just toss it when you get home or out of their sight. They'll probably not remember after a day or two. No harm done.

  5. Hey Shelley?
    Thanks so much for your kindness the other day. It means alot to me.

  6. I must say, having an actual wheat allergy does make it pretty easy to say no - especially to bread. I've only been jealous of my family's bread once or twice. But loaf bread? I really don't think I'm missing much. I just wish I could say it had done me some good. I hate food pushers, too. We used to have this woman at my old office who was heavy, and when she would go on a diet, she would bring in doughnuts, candy, pies, cakes - EVERYTHING! And then she would bring it around to everyone and simper "I can't eat it, so I just want to pleasure of watching someone else eat it." There's only one word for that, and I'm not saying it here.

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