Monday, January 26, 2009


A comment left by Annette on my previous post got me thinking. She said "...As long as you have the energy at that calorie level....go for it!..." Interestingly, I read her comment while I was taking an iced tea break from cleaning my house today - one of those good, deep cleans, where the kitchen cabinets are wiped down, sink scrubbed with an old toothbrush along the edges, baseboards vacuumed using the hose and crevice tool, floor mopped, everything on the counters moved, wiped and other words, something that I don't do nearly often enough, but appreciate so much when it's done! After the kitchen, I moved on to the laundry room, bedroom, living and family rooms...and that's when I realized that I do have the energy to tackle this amount of work in the same day. Previously, I might could (Texas phrase, please excuse me) do one room really well, but so many? In the same day? Wasn't happening. Which makes me realize that the combination of not carrying around so much weight, along with eating much, much healthier, gives me a lot more energy - more than I ever knew I was missing! So thanks, Annette - this is a nice reminder of another benefit of living a healthy lifestyle!


  1. I love the phrase mightcould and think that annette is so right as well.

    if youre energetic then obviously it all working for you! and it is.

  2. You are sooooo right. Isn't it wonderful to have so much more energy since we aren't carrying around all that extra baggage?

    Now, how about coming to my house and get me motivated. I have the energy just not the gumption :o)

  3. Can't wait til I get to where your energy level is. My house sure could use some TLC!

  4. Deborah, if I SAY I'm coming over to your house would that give you the gumption? 'Cause nothing motivates me like knowing company's coming!

    Gigi - You'll get there...before you know it!

    Miz - Don't you just love Texas-speak?

  5. Good! I'm glad my comment helped! I have noticed that my calorie requirements change from time to time. When I am super active, I just feel that deep hunger more and eat a bit more......also during time of month ;) I seem to require a little more too.

    Yeah for you on that incredible energy me that is the BEST effect of the journey :)!

  6. Wow, great deep clean!

    Sadly, I hardly ever have to do it - my daughter is a clean freak and actually LOVES to clean.

    Even when she was little. She was like in fourth grade, and she would call me when she got home from school "what do you want me to clean today?"

    You could literally eat off of her floor and not even get a piece of dog hair!


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