Thursday, August 28, 2008

Before and During

Posting the "before" and "during" weight loss pictures at the suggestion of my cousin Jill.

Dang, I guess I have lost a lot of weight!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Back...

Actually I've been back for a week or so. And I made it through some stressful weeks and have actually LOST 2.5 pounds! Yeah, I never would have believed it either, but WeeFee doesn't lie!* Although I did eat while we were in Ft. Worth and Denton, I tried to not consume everything on my plate most of the time (having a husband who will happily accept food is nice). We did a fair amount of walking (downtown Ft. Worth, the Stockyards, UNT) and I did ok with it - apparently I have built up a fair amount of stamina from all the exercising I did, and it paid off - go me!

Funny thing about not exercising for a few weeks - the first day I got back with WeeFee, I felt fine and did my usual 45 minutes. Today, I stopped after 30 minutes and I am really feeling the backs of my thighs! Weird. I had a nice ride on IpoHolo the other night - went 2 1/2 miles easily before it got too dark - didn't want to risk running over another stick and getting a flat tire again!

I'm trying a new thing - shakes/LC meals on Th/F/S - it's easy to do while I work, and eating between 800-900 calories a day on the other days (still doing the LC meals for dinner if we don't have anything low cal to cook). I realize that I probably won't lose as many pounds per week this way, but I'm "training" myself to eat small meals and not overdo on portion sizes. We'll see how this goes...I still want to lose quite a bit more, but realistically I can't be on shakes forever.

Oh, I put up a new picture of me today - I have cheekbones, woot! Not the greatest shot, but considering the photographer (me) it's decent.

*When I informed my son Sam of the weight loss, he had the gall...nay, the unmitigated nerve to say that I really didn't lose weight, I lost muscle. Now that's just crazy talk! Everybody knows that pounds off on a scale means weight is lost - at least for women. Fool.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Snow Cone Friday!

Today's flavor: Sugar Free Blue Bubble Gum (I can just hear my mother saying "yuck"). But it was oh so tasty!

I have been eating about 500 calories for the last few days - tonight is a baby shower with homemade Italian food, and I plan on eating - sensible portions, but eating nonetheless. No exercise yesterday and today - was gone from 9am to 9pm yesterday, and will be home for less than an hour tonight before I head off to the shower and I can't get all sweaty for that! I'm looking forward to getting back on track with the exercise - lately it seems like it hasn't really been taking all that long to do (as opposed to the beginning when 10 minutes felt like an hour!), and it's nice knowing that I'm doing something good for myself.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy + Not Super Motivated =

No Exercise & No Dieting.

I just have a lot going on right now with getting Max ready to leave for UNT next Friday. We started the GREAT SHOP OF '08 Friday at 5:30 pm and continued all weekend...Target, we have cleaned you out!!! (Not to mention Kohls, Old Navy and TJ Maxx). I know that normally I would be purchasing socks, shoes, some clothes and also school supplies, but not to this extent, and also add in all toiletries, not to mention toilet paper, light bulbs, batteries, towels, bedding...we worked off a list but my head is still spinning! I *think* we are just about finished, and now I have to go get his birthday gifts! Well, you can't say that I have not contributed to the economy this August, that's for sure!

So I finally got back on Weefee this morning and did 45 minutes - it had been five days since I had used it and "reminded" me that exercise is best on a daily basis...LOL. The weather has been too funky to ride Ipoholo, and we are supposed to get rain and a tropical storm tomorrow, so poor Ipoholo will probably have to stay in the garage. At least I have Weefee...oh, and a cute new pair of exercise capris in size XL from Old Navy - it's been a long time since I have been able to wear anything from Old Navy, and I love seeing a "normal" size in my closet!

I have eaten out a couple of times this weekend, and while I didn't overindulge, I certainly wasn't dieting. I am pretty sure I won't gain weight, but I know I won't be losing any, either. Oh well, it was fun, and it's good to practice restraining myself (i.e. not eating the bread at Carinos, and giving Jeff most of the garlic toast panini that came with my salad) so that I can maintain my weight when I'm done losing.

This is going to be a crazy month, what with taking Max to Pyro for dinner on Wednesday, a baby shower/dinner on Friday, Max's early birthday dinner on the 15th, and Jeff and my mini-vacation in Ft. Worth that Saturday and Sunday (hello, Saltgrass Steakhouse!) before helping Max move into his dorm room on the 18th. I think that knowing what lies ahead will help me plan so I don't go insane - my strategy will be "As Long As I Don't Gain, I'm Good" for most of August. Exercise and moderation are the keys (repeat as needed).