Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pomegranate...Who Knew???

I've seen pomegranates in the stores lately and finally decided to try one, and I have to say, YUM! Tangy, juicy, slightly sweet, with an occasional hint of orange (don't ask me why) - and full of anti-oxidants! I went to this site to find out how to open it and release the seeds, which is the part that you actually eat. Weird, I know...

Anyway, if you have never had one, or it's been a long time since, try a pomegranate soon! They are only in season from September through January, so the clock is ticking...


  1. I have loved these since childhood.

    that said, I have also learned that I need a special POM SHIRT as I stain myself SILLY every time I eat one.

    just a tip :)

  2. That is what I remember,the staining. Can't remember if they did your fingernails too. Didn't eat them too often as probably couldn't get them from a neighbors tree like we could the apricots in our yard. Could get persimmons but that is a real different fruit.

  3. Hey, Shelly! I got so brave as to buy one. But...um...let's just say they go bad after a month. Kinda wrinkly and all. I promise I will buy and eat within a day because that photo on your blog is making my mouth water.

  4. Lynn, did you perhaps put it in the rotter? That is what we call the crisper in our fridge...everything goes to die in there because we forget about it!

    I hope you do enjoy your pomegranate when you finally get a fresh one!

    MizFit, I was wearing a dark shirt, but I did manage to get some pink splotches on my desk calendar (I was reading blogs while eating it). Who knew fruit could be such a challange?!?

    Mom, I remember seeing stained fingers from people eating these in HS, but mine weren't - maybe because I opened it in a bowl of water? IDK.

    Thanks for all the great comments, ladies!

  5. I have only tasted one in my whole life - it was delicious - tart and crunchy and a little sweet! But most memorably, I got a little taste of the pith. That was a very bad experience. I didn't know they made things taste this bad that weren't medicine.

  6. I remember eating these as kid and the staining. . . so silly question here. . .but does one swallow the seeds or not?

  7. Not a silly question! I actually looked this up on that website before I ate the Pom - some people spit out the seeds, but they are tiny, so most people swallow them.

    If I had tried to spit out the seeds, I KNOW my chin would have been a dripping, drooly, pink-stained mess - so I swallowed.


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