Sunday, November 2, 2008

With Apologies To Martha Stewart...

My list of Good Things:

1. It's the beginning of the month, which means PAYDAY, so I can restock my kitchen!
2. Kashi Honey and Almond Flax crunch cereal - so good and so good-for-you!
3. This recipe from Rachel Ray, which I will be making tonight.
4. Target is putting out all kinds of boxed gift sets for the holidays, so Jeff and I treated ourselves to new razors - with extras! (Hey, it's the little things sometimes...)
5. Online bill pay - LOVE not having to write out checks or use stamps!
6. Getting an extra hour today - I know it's psychological, but I always have more energy on the day Daylight Savings Time ends.
7. A stack of good books from the library and time to read them.
8. Two, count 'em, two Christmas gifts bought!
9. Trying on pants at a "normal" store and fitting into them!!!
10. Getting a car repaired for under $200 bucks - woot!

I did get my exercise in last week on M,T,W, and was great on my eating until Friday...then I was just ok, as Halloween candy arrived at work and I ate some - not a lot, but still. All in all, I count last week as a success.

So...the plan for this week is that I'll exercise with WeeFee again this M,T,W, and keep with the under 800 calorie days for the most part. So far this seems to work for me, and I can work in some higher-calorie meals on Friday and Saturday and still lose some weight. It's a lifestyle change for me...choosing to eat really healthy, low-calorie foods most of the time, with a few indulgences thrown in. No, I'm not losing weight quite as quickly as I was while I was on the NutriMed shakes, but I don't feel deprived, either. Oh, and I WILL update my blog more often!

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