Friday, November 7, 2008

I Wish I'd Worn a Pedometer Yesterday...

...because I walked my butt off! I was on my feet from 3:00 until about 7:30 - it was a crazy day at work because we had to get all the food ready for the reception, then host the reception, then clean up after the reception! When I finally fell into bed last night, I had the pedometer thought, because then, even though I didn't exercise per se, I would have known how many steps I'd taken (and I'll bet it was over 10,000!). And tonight is another big walking opportunity - it's Art Step in downtown Bryan, which I am really looking forward to.

One thing I am noticing is that with all this weight off, I am able to be on my feet and run around and not have to sit down and rest. So that's another benefit of my weight loss - woot!

And speaking of losing weight, it has definitely slowed down. Of course, I am not hard-core dieting seven days a week, either. Right now, I have about 5 very low-calorie days, with 2 “maintenance” eating (i.e. how I would eat if I were at my ideal size) days. I have been dieting since mid-May and have lost close to 50 pounds. I still have a lot to lose. But it’s not a race, and I’m at a good place right now. And for today, that’s ok.

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