Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cleaning Out My Closet...

...and it's pretty empty! I have lost enough weight that a lot of my clothes no longer fit - or while I can still wear them, I look and feel like crap. So a bunch of stuff went into the garage sale pile, and let's just say that I will have to do laundry really often now! I do have a few new things that are in my smaller size (thanks Mom!), but not much, because hopefully I won't be in this new size for too long. I have to say that when I do wear the smaller clothes I really feel like I've been successful with this diet and exercise thing - moreso than when I wear my older, now baggy clothes. So I'm going to wear the new clothes even when I'm just hanging around the house as a reminder of why I'm doing this.

I am happy to announce that my thighs are no longer killing me when I do the Step Aerobics with WeeFee...and that I'm up to a good 45 minutes a day with it. I *think* my legs are getting a bit firmer - this exercise thing might just work out after all!

The one thing I am having trouble with is eating. Anytime I feel full, even if it's after drinking a shake, I feel like I've blown it. I have had issues with "over-dieting" in the past and I know that I really have to watch myself...I can get insane and depressed over not doing anything wrong with the diet plan, but feel like I have. That is why I am only weighing myself once a week - to protect me from my crazy mind. Still, there are definitely times when I am sure that I've blown it...keeping track of what I eat each day helps...but some days are bad. Why does normalcy elude me?

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  1. Your welcome on the clothes. I get the too full feeling sometimes after I eat (today at lunch) but when I looked in my food diary what I ate it wasn't too much. I guess your stomach has just shrunk along with the rest of your body.


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