Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ups and Downs

Ups: My new bicycle! I went to the only bike store in town that sells Electra bikes, "test rode" one for a while, LOVED IT, and ordered my super-cool Cruiser in the Pink Hawaii model!!! It's supposed to be in next week (oh please oh please no delays!) and I cannot wait! The store will assemble it and then "fit" it to me seat-and-handlebar height-wise. Did I mention that I cannot wait?!?

Along the biking news, I have been riding more and more - in fact, last night I had to stop before I was really ready to, because my dog was worn out, and he won't just go lay on the front lawn when he is tired...he HAS to run with me. Of course, I could have just brought him inside the house and continued biking, but that option didn't occur to me until later (Are You There, Brain? It's Me, Shelley*). I was counting the laps I ride around the "pond" in the center of my street, but I lose track because I'm riding so many. Which is so ironic because not too long ago I was doing three laps, and pushing myself to do a fourth! I was thinking about getting one of those "clicker-counter" dealies, but I also saw that they make bike odometers starting at about 20 bucks, and I may see if the local bike store carries them. I can just see myself glancing at the odometer and thinking "I can't stop yet - 1.3 more miles to go!"

Another Up: I had a comment from someone here in town who is also doing the NutriMed 420 diet - so YAY, I have someone to connect with!

And now for the Downs: Because we have been having car issues, and three people are currently sharing two cars, I went for my weigh-in on Tuesday rather than today since I knew I wouldn't have a car today. I was down one freaking pound. One pound!!! I was door-slamming mad!!! What the frick is up with this stupid diet?!? Ahem. So after I calmed down, I realized that this is the week that bitch Aunt Flo should show up for a visit (she may or may not actually show, as I am *finally* beginning to see the signs of menopause) ( this TMI???) and things get all messed up. Plus, last week I was counting calories more than just doing the shake program (some days only having two shakes, but still eating 700 - 800 calories in healthy food), and I read somewhere on the internet that the reason why the NutriMed 420 plan works is because it is high-protein and therefore you lose fat before muscle. Sigh. So I have re-dedicated myself to sticking to the four shakes a day, plus LC dinner and some veg (British way of saying "vegetables" - I'm SO cosmopolitan!) (<----sarcasm intended). Hopefully next week I will be back on the three pound loss track (Hah! Remember when I was complaining about ONLY losing three pounds?!? Karma, much like Aunt Flo, is such a bitch!).

Add to the list of Downs: PMS and carpet issues (which are getting resolved today). OK, I guess the UPs outweigh (hah!) the Downs.

*Apologies to Beverly Cleary

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  1. Actually it's Judy Blume. But I loved both authors immensely as a child!


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